Definition of "Right of access"

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Paul J.  Minihane Broker/Owner, Real Estate Agent Minihane Realty Group

Same as term access right: The right of a property owner to freely go to and return from an adjoining highway without interference." rollover;"Same as term: Tax-free exchange that allows a seller two years after escrow closes on his former principal personal residence to buy like-kind property and defer taxes. Profits from the sale of a principal residence are not taxed if, essentially, the purchase price of the new residence is equal or greater than the sales price of the old residence. Also, the new residence must be acquired and personally occupied within 24 months before or after the sale of the old residence, for a 48-month period. To accurately set the amount of profit deferred, the net sales price and adjusted sales price of the old residence must be calculated. From these respective figures are derived the actual profit and minimum purchase price of the new residence to fully avoid taxes on the profit. The 24-month sale-to-replacement period offers the homeowner the opportunity to use the net sales proceeds from the old residence for short-term, high-yield money market investments. These investments are liquid and generally more lucrative than real estate acquisitions during periods of high interest rate.


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