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As one of the best-kept secrets in North Carolina, Hampstead manages to attract more and more residents and visitors every year. Its location between Wilmington and Jacksonville, both big North Carolina cities, may have helped this area remain inconspicuous, but the influx of residents discovered its appeal. Since the last census, Hampstead’s population has increased by a whopping 40% as it is considered one of the best small towns to live in North Carolina. This good place to live fits every resident’s expectations through the quality of life and low crime rates in the area. With an increasing population density, the activities needed to satisfy the demand are embedded in the area’s location. 

Activities available in Hampstead, NC

While the population doesn’t yet change the area’s status as a small community, the amenities at the resident’s disposal will only draw more residents to enjoy them. With waterfront access, Hampstead offers an abundance of water activities that can be applied to people of all ages and abilities. Venturing in the waves, surfing, or treating yourself to boating in the sunset are all available regardless of the size of this unincorporated area.

Both Surf City and Topsail Beach are close by, but a boat would make both destinations more comfortable to reach as well as more fun. Living in Hampstead, NC, with private docks or piers allows residents to indulge in the true meaning of waterfront living. Getting from point A to point B by boat is amazing during the summer months but might be a bit too adventurous during the colder months. Still, a 30-minute ride to Topsail Beach will be worth it when you get to see the white sandy beaches of the east coast.

For those that want to enjoy some shopping, Hampstead has quite a variety of boutiques, and there’s always something interesting to catch your eye. However, the variety is enlarged by Wilmington’s proximity, with a distance of only a 30-minute drive. Some of the best restaurants in Hampstead, NC, are right in the heart of the area and include Mexican, Italian, or Traditional options with even some Asian cuisine for those looking for more exotic tastes. There are plenty of things to do in Hampstead if you don’t mind all that waterfront access. Real estate agents in Hampstead NC, will also have a few suggestions while you discuss the possibility of relocating there.


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