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Sewer whose sole purpose is o carry away domestic waste water.

Comments for Sanitary Sewer

Yomi2 Yomi2 said:

What does "sewer allowed" mean?

Nov 28, 2019  02:51:46

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Yomi! Sewer allowed means nothing more than creating a development plan that allows for sewers. For example, creating a plan for land development in a certain area needs to include sewers or not?

Apr 13, 2020  10:17:06
Sharon Somers Sharon Somers said:

What does 100 Del Sanitary Engineer mean on property information?

Jul 10, 2018  11:16:15

Real Estate Agent

Hey Sharon,
can you give us more context?

Is this coming out of a budget or a bill? Because the number "100" means nothing to us... The " Del" might be from " Delegate", and Sanitary Engineer is definitely the trained professional to deal and apply engineering methods to check and improve sanitation of a building. Mainly, the sanitary engineer deals with the removal and disposal of human waste and the provision of safe clean water to the households in a city.

Hope it helped somehow!

Jul 10, 2018  17:10:50
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