Secondary Mortgage Market

Definition of "Secondary mortgage market"

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Market where mortgage loans can be sold to investors. The availability of funds for financing real estate is affected by economic conditions, both local and national. The result is that at certain times or in certain geographic location little or no capital is available for mortgages' consequently, few if any loans are made. From the viewpoint of the lender, another problem is that real estate loans can be highly illiquid; thus, the supplier of funds can have a difficult time converting loans into cash. For these reasons, the need exists for same means by which a lender can sell a loan prior to its maturity date. The secondary mortgage market attempts to meet these needs. Capital can be made available during times of tight money and at capital-deficit locations. By selling mortgages in the secondary mortgage market, a lender can convert existing mortgages into cash which in turn be used to fund new mortgages. Likewise, an investor in the secondary market can buy existing mortgages, pay the seller a small servicing fee, and avoid the time and expense of originating and servicing the loans.


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