What Is The Best Interior Paint Color For Selling A House?

Answer for "What is the best interior paint color for selling a house?"

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If you are thinking of selling your house, any real estate investor or developer would suggest that you use one of the easiest techniques in order to increase its value in the eyes of any potential buyer. That would be to invest one last time in the best interior paint color for selling your house to someone else.

Your house represents you in every corner and every faucet, but for a possible buyer, it needs to be a place where they can see themselves live, not the history you gave it. 

The best interior paint color depends on the what’s, the who’s and the location!

Most people choose safe colors when it comes to looking into colors used for selling a house, neutral colors that don’t take risks. There are, however, several things you should consider before choosing those colors. It depends on who is buying the house, where the house is located and what room you are repainting.

Color staging that works best for interior painting.

A kitchen may look clean and shiny with a white coat, but white is the most difficult color to maintain. It can also seem cold and similar to a hospital as if not paired with bold colors for the furniture. The best and easiest on the eyes, experts say, it’s soft grey-blue tones. It increases the value of your home and it works with boldly colored cabinets like navy or red.

Blue or marine tones also works like a charm for the bathroom. Only thinking of a powder room makes you see powder blue. It isneutral and cosy, brightens the space, and provides a soothing atmosphere for a room where one can go to relax.


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The living room is the place where one invites guests and provides entertainment, be it through a television or a board game. This should provide warmth and beige tones can be used, emphasised by a white fireplace or wooden furniture. You can also mix it by adding a fake brick wall and keeping the rest of the tones white or earthly. Both versions are welcoming and embracing. Guests would feel at ease in the hospitality provided.

A bedroom is a place where your targeted buyer's age matters. While for elders, the tones are best to be neutral, soft, comforting, a younger buyer such as a millennial may look for something more exciting that promises boldness and not boredom. The pallet here can vary from earthy tones to olive green, or, the color of 2020, Champagne.

The color staging you choose depends on the location as well. A place by the seaside may use bright colors to accentuate its location, but a place in the middle of the city may work best with warmer tones.

The last investment will bring profit.

Real estate agents always improve the aspect of a house before looking for potential buyers and this is one page you can easily take from their book. A home you’ve lived in for years can show signs of use, especially in the kitchen and living room area and a small investment can gain you more profit in the end sale. Bringing the beauty that drew you first to it, to center stage can increase its value. When in doubt about what exactly you should do, you can always ask for professional help. An interior designer can offer advice that suit best all the factors that can be taken into consideration.


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