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Austin, Texas, can be an excellent place if you wish to provide a nationally acclaimed education for your children. You can choose public, private, and charter schools in the city. At the same time, your offspring won’t have to leave town looking for first-class colleges and universities. In fact, the education system is an essential part of the more fantastic picture of why so many people are moving to and settling in Austin, Texas.

The public schools in Austin

Texas is labeled one of the best states for education, and Austin, the state capital, is no exception. Right off the bat, there are many schools to choose from in the city (29 school districts), which can be overwhelming. And it’s noteworthy to investigate how the best school districts influence the local real estate market in Austin. The central school district is called Austin ISD (Independent School District), and it’s under the jurisdiction of the Texas Educational Association in Austin. 

Did you know that approximately 156,700 students attended Austin public schools? Since there are so many top-ranked public schools in Austin, there’s a fierce rivalry among them, which inspires them to provide an even better education. Your kids can only benefit from this! Parents and young adults can choose from 266 public schools in Austin.

Find out about exceptional test results achieved by Austin public schools!

The top three school districts in Austin are the following: EANES ISD, Leander ISD, and Dripping Springs ISD. The top-ranked public schools in Austin are Laurel Mountain Elementary School, Patsy Sommer Elementary School, and Canyon Creek Elementary School. 


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Austin schools outperformed the Texas average score results. They all produced great math (56 percent) and reading proficiency (55 percent) test scores nationally. Finally, Austin public schools received an average grade of 9/10. Thus, Austin schools are in the top twenty percent of state public facilities.

How are the private schools in Austin?

The private school system is another unique way to school youngsters. As of 2022, Austin featured 111 private schools and more than 300 facilities in the larger metro area, offering education to approximately 18,800 students. Cathedral School Of St Mary, Challenger School - Avery Ranch, and Austin Peace Academy are ranked the highest on the list of Austin private schools. 

It was reported that tuition costs from $300 monthly fees could reach $18,000 per year. The median value is $12,500 annually, a moderately higher amount than the Texas average. 

About one-third of Austin schools provide religion-centered education, most notably Christian, for instance, Regent’s School of Austin, Brentwood Christian School, and St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

Is it worth attending a university in Austin, Texas?

Austin is a safe city for international students with a “the doors always open” mentality, thanks to nationally acclaimed colleges such as the University of Texas at Austin. Did you know that this facility ranks 18th among the “Best education schools?” Furthermore, Austin colleges and universities serve as a one-of-a-kind springboard for talented young athletes. They lend a financial helping hand in the form of athlete scholarships that assist students in graduation.

Suppose students require an alternate source of income to sponsor their studies. In that case, Tesla, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, and many other firms offer students various work options in Austin.

What are the top universities in Austin?

Undoubtedly, the University of Texas at Austin ranks first on this list. Established in 1883, the facility features a creative and open-minded leadership focusing on preserving the past heritage and implementing revolutionary innovations. 

Concordia University Texas, founded in 1927, is another famous Christian university that welcomes students from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. It emphasizes real-life experience and shapes its education around liberal arts.

Huston-Tillotson University, a historically African-American university in Austin, was founded in 1875. Among its most popular courses, we would highlight business management and administration, kinesiology and exercise science, and psychology.

Final thoughts

The establishments presented in this article earned a reputation nationally over the years. Graduating from one of these fine institutions will greatly benefit your children’s career prospects. Though their tuition fees regularly exceed the Texas average, investing in your children’s education in these schools is worth every penny.

Suppose you're fascinated with the idea of moving to Austin. Then, it would be best to reach out to experienced local real estate agents in Austin Texas! They will confirm that the City of the Violet Crown boasts every possible advantage. Find booming economic prospects and colorful outdoor and indoor activities peppered with jazzy nightlife in Austin! 


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