How Is The Real Estate Market In Tucson AZ?

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The “Old Pueblo” or “Sunshine Factory” are the two most commonly known nicknames of Tucson, AZ. The metropolitan area has the second-largest population in Arizona, with approximately 993,000 residents (2021 statistics). 

Let’s have a look at the perks of being a Tucsonian. First and foremost, have you always been fascinated with the real wild west? Though the dawn of grim shooters came to a halt, the city of Tucson managed to remain in the western spotlight. 

Find the locations of your beloved western movies!

Many cowboy movies were shot in Old Tucson. No wonder the town was built on the fame of traditions. It has the perfect western setting since geography helped a lot! Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert on a plain surrounded by five minor mountain ranges: the Santa Catalina and Tortolita Mountains in the north, the Santa Rita Mountains in the south, the Rincon Mountains in the east, and the Tucson Mountains in the west. The Sonoran Desert, known for its striking beauty, displays wild vegetation, notably the colossal saguaro, a genuine symbol of the American Southwest.

Did you ever consider visiting or living in rustic surroundings once hosting the actual shooting of a western film? Get in touch with one of our realtors in Tucson AZ, to get a terrific introduction to the city’s history!

What makes Tucson, AZ so special?

Many tourists come to visit this wonderful Westworld. And lots of them decide to relocate here, due to overall favorable conditions. Everyone will find something unique about Tucson.


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Tucson, home to the famous University of Arizona, takes great pride in hosting a one-of-a-kind performing arts community showcasing a multicultural heritage. Therefore, newcomers are welcome in visually breathtaking galleries and museums.  Of course, there are advantages and downsides to living in Tucson, but its majestic old-school charms will surely sweep you off your feet! 

From an economic perspective, the costs of living in Tucson are below the national average, making the city an affordable place to live.

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Since tourism is booming, Tucson turned into a hot thing housing market-wise. In addition, the job market in the city is also growing at a rapid pace. 

Based on Realtor’s statistics, the typical listing price of homes in Tucson, Arizona, was around $290K in June 2021, showing a 20.8 percent yearly rise. Approximately $185 was the median listing price per square foot. The median price of a home sold was $288,000. 

According to June 2021 listings, there were around 3,400 houses listed for sale. You can also find a cost-effective rent in Tucson; prices vary between $340 to $20K per month.

As a result, we can confirm that Tucson is in a hot seller’s real estate market. More people intend to buy homes than there are available properties to sell. Based on the present figures, the Tucson real estate market will experience a rise in housing prices in the long run.


Based on a set of positive geographical-economic and social circumstances, we can confirm that Tucson, AZ is a good place to live

As we mentioned earlier, the rise in home prices is partly due to more people relocating to Arizona and a shortage in housing inventory. Nevertheless, our real estate agents can help you!

Let’s find a suitable house together in the prettiest Tucson neighborhoods, such as Green Valley, Dove Mountain, Catalina Foothills, or Oho Valley, etc.


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