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Located close to the westernmost edge of Florida in Santa Rosa County, the city of Gulf Breeze, FL is a waterfront dream for high income earners and retired military personnel. Currently at around 7,000 residents, this growing bedroom community is ideal for those who seek a comfortable life-style in a holiday destination, without having to deal with the overcrowdedness of most vacation hot spots of Florida. As a suburb to the larger city of Pensacola, FL, this small town enjoys a much safer living environment with the added benefits of coastal scenery and way of life, making it a good place to live. With a rather short history, the city was settled in 1875 having been founded by the Duncan Family but was incorporated as Gulf Breeze, FL only in 1961.


Living in Gulf Breeze, Florida is like living on a continuous holiday as the city has a very peaceful atmosphere, some of the best holiday experiences and a relaxed pace for its residents. This paradise in the Panhandle is a highly sociable city with a tight knit community feel that adds to the development of the city. Without being consumed by big conglomerate businesses, there are plenty of little family owned restaurants and businesses that contribute to the familiarity of this town. Business development can be seen in every corner of Gulf Breeze, FL while the larger corporations are a short commute to Pensacola, FL.



Gulf Breeze, FL demographics

As a relatively new city, Gulf Breeze, FL has experienced an increase in population over the last decade. Many people from all over the world decided to move here in order to enjoy the beautiful scenic views as well as the great and relaxing way of life. For those that want to experience a holiday life-style, this bedroom community seems like the best place to live. Many retirees decide to move here for the high quality of assisted living. People living in Gulf Breeze, Florida will most often occupy management positions with high incomes that allow them to afford living there with the median household income of $103,000. The second most common occupations are in sales and related positions followed by office and administrative support occupations.


Racial Diversity

With a population of approximately 7,000 residents, Gulf Breeze, FL unfortunately has a limited diversity when it comes to race. Around only 7% of all the population of the city is of another racial or ethnic background as can be seen below.

  • Caucasian - 93.8%
  • Hispanic - 2.6%
  • Asian - 1.4%
  • Two or more races - 1.2%
  • Native American - 0.5%
  • African American - 0.3%
  • Other races - 0.2%

Cost of living in Gulf Breeze, FL

Cost of living on wooden cubes

For most people it might come as a surprise to learn that the city of Gulf Breeze, FL has a more affordable cost of living than the average US expectations. Real estate prices are high, utility bills are also higher as well as your daily groceries. So, how is it possible for Gulf Breeze, FL to have a lower cost of living than the average of the US or, indeed, Florida?


When the cost of living of any geographical area is calculated, the two most important factors to take into account are the median expenses generated by housing, whether it is renting or buying, and also the median household income. We mention this because the median household income of Gulf Breeze, FL is around 40% higher than the median income in the US and almost double the median income of Florida residents.


So with a median household income of $103,000 when the US median household income is $60,000 and the Florida median household income is $53,000, the fact that housing costs are higher does not constitute a big increase in the cost of living. Yes, the median home value in Gulf Breeze, FL is $334,000 while the median home value in Florida is $248,000, but the almost twice as much income in this bedroom community makes for an overall cost of living in Gulf Breeze, FL that is 7% lower than the state average and 5% lower than the national average.


Best neighborhoods in Gulf Breeze, FL

Pensacola street sign on road of city

It isn’t easy to select the best neighborhoods in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The reason for that is that Gulf Breeze does not have a big discrepancy when it comes to the standard of living from one neighborhood to the next. However, if you take into consideration the median income in an area, then look at crime statistics, education as well as the cost of living based on the median house income, you can see that some neighborhoods rank higher than others.


This does not mean, in Gulf Breeze’s case that the other neighborhoods are places that you should avoid. That, surprisingly, doesn’t exist in Gulf Breeze. But after careful consideration, we did discover that there are some areas that are considered the best neighborhoods in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The final decision is yours as it completely depends on what you want for your family and what is more important to you. Real estate agents in Gulf Breeze FL will help you find your dream waterfront property so that you can also enjoy this comfortable coastal life-style.


1. City Center

If the most important thing for you and your family is the value of the median income, the appreciation rates of real estate and school statistics, then the City Center is the best option for you. There has been an increase in home values in this area, currently at around $547,000, given the fact that it is the most developed part of town while still adhering to the bedroom community standards. This is also where you will find the biggest income earners in Gulf Breeze, FL as well as the best schools. The drawback to this neighborhood is the safety ratings. While Pensacola Beach is the most unsafe area in Gulf Breeze, FL, the City Center is the second most unsafe neighborhood. The amount of homes for sale in the City Center is rather limited as it has a vacancy rate of 2.7%.


2. Woodlore Circle

If you consider safety as the most important thing for your family and are willing to not expect the highest incomes or maybe are working outside of this bedroom community, then Woodlore Circle is the best neighborhood in Gulf Breeze, FL for you. This area has the best safety ratings in all of Gulf Breeze, Florida while, at the same time ensuring high quality education for its younger demographics. Real estate appreciation rates are second in line, trailing after the City Center in Gulf Breeze, FL and salaries are around the median income for the city. For those looking to buy a house in this area the median home value is at around $361,000 making it a lower cost of living than the City Center. It is also good to know that the chances of finding homes for sale in Woodlore Circle is a bit higher as the vacancy rate is at 9.1%.


3. Oriole Beach

The neighborhood of Oriole Beach comes in third in many areas of interest like safety and education ratings, however it comes in second place when it comes to income earnings. It also has a lower cost of living than the previous two neighborhoods we already discussed. The median home value in Oriole Beach is around $296,000 which makes it the most affordable neighborhood in Gulf Breeze, Florida when it comes to real estate prices. It is also the 4th most expensive area in the city but overall it fits the expectations that one would have from a bedroom community like Gulf Breeze, Florida. With a vacancy rate of 13.4% there are higher chances of finding homes for sale in Oriole Beach than in the previous neighborhoods mentioned.

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Best things to do in Gulf Breeze, FL

Surfer with surf board dive underwater

The community of Gulf Breeze, Florida is very relaxed, easy going and tightly knit. They go to work in the morning generally for 9-5 executive positions then come home and enjoy various water based activities, golfing and countless other amenities available to them in Gulf Breeze. They are friendly to each other as they keep up with attractions in Gulf Breeze, Florida.


As water based activities like snorkeling, fishing, surfing, kayaking or paddle boarding are among the most sought after activities in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we can’t not mention the best beaches in Gulf Breeze, FL. The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is one of the most active locations on the beach in Gulf Breeze. This is where you can find some of the best restaurants in Gulf Breeze, FL like Peg Leg Pete’s popular seafood restaurant that has a pirate decor that both children and adults alike can enjoy. Another amazing seafood spot that can be found on one of the best beaches in Gulf Breeze, FL is Crabs. A location that offers an ambient perfect for beach lovers with a laid-back atmosphere and outdoor tables that lets you enjoy the breeze of the ocean and the sand beneath your feet while you listen to live music and feast on some amazing crab based specialties.


For those that want to enjoy a more peaceful day by the ocean there are other options. The more laid-back best beaches in Gulf Breeze, FL are Langdon Beach, a place where you can go with your family and have your children enjoy a safe and pollution free environment with fewer distractions and more privacy. Gulf Island National Seashore is a more interesting location and one of the best beaches in Gulf Breeze, FL because of the unique flora by the ocean. The oak plantation is preserved here and this allows you to sunbathe close to tall oaks and enjoy their large shade whenever you want. Another reclusive location and a location that is considered, yet again, one of the best beaches in Gulf Breeze, FL is Opal Beach, a stretch of sugary white dunes that slowly ease into the oceans blue waves providing for an intimate experience for couples or families.



A location like Gulf Breeze, FL is often overlooked for other more exciting coastal cities in Florida, but the focus has shifted towards its white sandy beaches recently. The population of Gulf Breeze, FL has experienced a significant growth over the last decade and as safety ratings continue to improve, it seems like this city will continue to grow. The vacancy rate varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, but the highest availability for homes for sale in Gulf Breeze, FL is by far in Pensacola Beach which has a vacancy rate of 66.6%. This is a result of the amount of rentals or seasonal residents that rent or purchase properties in this neighborhood.


Let us know in the comments section below if there is anything else that you would like to know about this amazing coastal city. Like & Share this article with friends and family if any of them might be looking into an amazing holiday destination.

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