Is Naples Florida A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Naples Florida a good place to live?"

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Naples, Florida is a beautiful coastline destination with a population of about 22,000 people. This small and compact city offers it’s residents one of the quietest and most peaceful communities you can find in Florida. The pristine city of Naples holds some of the top-rated beaches in the country known for its dazzling white sand and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf.

The city of Naples, Florida, is a paradise for golfers, fishermen and boating activities. Therefore, don't forget to bring your golf clubs and fishing gear however if you haven’t done any of this before you should start learning as quickly as possible. Boating, fishing and golfing in Naples is not just a hobby it is for many a way of life, so if you plan to live here, it might be the best way to get along with the locals.

Like any city in the country, there are benefits and downsides to living in Naples, Florida. Therefore, when you decide to move to a city there are a couple of questions that you may ask yourself before making the big move. What are the costs of living? How safe is the city? What kind of activities can I engage in? All these questions aim to give us a little insight into the city and help answer the question of whether or not the city of Naples, Florida is a good place to live?

Is Naples, Florida a safe place?

As a tourist or as a home buyer looking for a new place to relocate we always want to know if either the city we are interested in is safe or not.


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The two most important aspects related to safety are violent crimes and property crimes. When it comes to safety, the city of Naples has some of the safest streets and neighborhoods in the country. 

Are there good schools in Naples, Florida?

Naples is served by the District School Board of Collier County. There are 73 top public schools in Collier County, FL, serving about 46,400 students in the 2020 school year.

The best-rated school in Naples is Osceola Elementary School, with a rating of 10 and a student count of about 700 students. Some districts score better in terms of schools than others. Collier district enrolls about 16% of the population of Naples and it is the district with top-rated schools in Florida. Hendry is the district from Naples with low scores and a rating of 4.

Is it expensive to live in Naples?

As mentioned before, any city has it’s downsides and the cost of living in Naples is definitely one of them. The reason for this assumption is based on the fact that the city of Naples is a very expensive city to live in. The cost of living in Naples is 75% higher than the state of Florida average.

The bottom line, the cost of housing in Naples is the highest of all the other expenses. Housing costs in Naples are considerably higher than the national average. With the housing costs being 229% higher than the average of the USA, Naples holds the spot for one of the most expensive housing markets out there. That’s why ourrealtors in Naples FL can have the ability to guide you through one of the toughest markets out there in case you decide to buy property here.


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