Why Is Ashburn VA The Center Of The Internet?

Definition of "Why is Ashburn VA the center of the Internet?"

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If you live in the United States and you regularly use the internet, there’s a good chance that you’ve sent data through the data hub in Ashburn VA. It is estimated that over seventy percent of all internet traffic in the US flows through this data center, and it has become quite well known in the tech community for this fact. 

Now, you may know this fact already; but did you know why Ashburn was chosen as the location for the internet nexus that is relied upon by the vast majority of internet users in the US? If you’re asking this question, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s set about answering it. 

Why Ashburn? 

There are a number of reasons why Ashburn was chosen, but they all revolve around one thing: the things required to keep a huge data center running smoothly and optimally. Let’s take a look at what a data center needs to operate, and why Ashburn is the perfect place for just such a data center!


  • Water. One of the most important elements in choosing a place to build a data center is a reliable source for the large volume of water required to cool the components housed in the center. Ashburn is in close proximity to a water processing center that provides exactly that.


  • Fiber optic infrastructure. Another thing a data center needs is a well designed network of fiber optic cable that can assure a reliable connection for ISPs and business. Ashburn is laced in fiber optic infrastructure that provides high speeds and lots of redundancy. 


  • A workforce. Obviously, a data center needs workers to keep things running smoothly. Ashburn is home to a large community of dedicated and experienced IT professionals that have the skills to keep a large data center running smoothly. 


  • Resources. Data centers have a huge number of components, and these components wear and break just like on any other piece of equipment. Ashburn is home to a variety of sources for competitively priced, high quality components. 

So there you have it: why Ashburn is the perfect location for a data hub! If you want to make this vibrant community your home, why not contact one of the real estate agents in Ashburn VA? These skilled real estate professionals will have you in a home in no time. And, if you work in IT, you’ll have no trouble finding work here!

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