Is Columbus Georgia Worth Visiting?

Definition of "Is Columbus Georgia worth visiting?"

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Columbus, GA, known as the Fountain City, is a city-county located on the west-central border of the U.S. state of Georgia. Home to Fort Benning, one of the largest military bases in the U.S., and the longest urban white water course in the world, Columbus never runs out of exciting things to do.


It has a rich history, diverse culture, hospitable places to stay, excellent local cuisine, and events all year round. Let me walk you through this one-of-a-kind city that offers its inhabitants and visitors lots of outdoor adventure, remarkable museums, and a vibrant urbanscape.


Before getting to know the exciting things to do in Columbus, let’s immerse ourselves in Columbus, GA's rich history, which has gained worldwide recognition.


Columbus, GA History


Established in 1828 as a trading post to strengthen the western border of Georgia, Columbus was the last "frontier town" of the original Thirteen Colonies. Its location next to the Chattahoochee River helped the city to become a leading inland cotton port by 1840. It had a thriving textile industry utilizing power from falls in the river.


During the American Civil War, it was a significant supply city of the Confederacy and was the site of the last battle (April 16, 1865).


Nowadays, the city is highly industrialized, and it’s one of the largest textile centers in the South. Other local mass-production centers include food products, electrical equipment, aircraft parts, and fabricated metal products.


Fort Benning is the site of the U.S. Army Infantry School and the National Infantry Museum.


Another significant moment in the history of Columbus was the opening of the Columbus State University in 1958, which gained worldwide recognition.


The people in Columbus, GA, said the formula for the well-known drink Coca-Cola was created in Fountain City. After, it was taken to Atlanta for production and sale on May 8, 1886.


Exciting things to do in Columbus, GA


At first glance, Columbus might seem like any of Georgia’s picturesque small towns. But looking at it closer, you’ll realize that there’s more to Columbus than what meets the eye.


With its historic buildings and battlefields dating back to the Civil War, you will feel like traveling through time while visiting. It is a bustling city with a vibrant downtown, good schools, entertainment, and an old-fashioned appeal.


Columbus, GA, was among the top places to live for people of all ages, and Best Magazine listed it as fourth in the Top 100 Places to raise a family.


The city of Columbus offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide range of activities all year round.


You can stroll on the Chattahoochee Riverwalk, a gorgeous and pedestrian-friendly trail. It will take you around some of the city’s most famous landmarks. If you feel adventurous enough, you can engage in epic outdoor activities such as ziplining and whitewater rafting.


A day with Whitewater Express is one of the top things to do in Columbus for adrenaline seekers.


While in the city, you can’t miss out on a trip to The Columbus Museum. It is home to more than 14,000 exhibits, including watercolor paintings, priceless antiques, weapons, books, and clothes.


Columbus is indeed most famous for its country's unpretentious charm, but it’s no stranger to the finer things in life. River Center for the Performing arts is a grand and opulent building. It hosts several musicals, ballets, symphonies, theatre performances, and many more.


Besides engaging in fun outdoor activities and admiring historical buildings, you can also relax at world-class resorts or enjoy the delicious local cuisine at one of the many restaurants available.

If you are interested in buying, selling, or renting a home in Columbus, GA, don’t hesitate to contact the local realtors in Columbus GA. They will be more than happy to provide you with the available properties and more information about the pros and cons of moving to the area.

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