What Major Cities Is Upper Marlboro Around?

Answer for "What major cities is Upper Marlboro around?"

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Once a port town and one of the oldest of the surviving southern Maryland towns, Upper Marlboro is a place that was settled around 1695 and it is still a remarkable place today. The small-town vibe that Upper Marlboro has is something quite unique that you can only find here. It is also very accentuated thanks to the fact that there are no buildings around, giving a very rural feel to the area.

The rural town of Upper Marlboro covers just 0.4 square miles and it is inhabited by about 700 people. Don’t be deceived by the looks and size of this town, because it used to be the home of some very important historical figures such as John and Daniel Carroll as well as Duke of Marlborough, from which the town received its name.

People consider the quiet and small community of Upper Marlboro to be a good place to live and there are a few reasons for that. You can find quite a few good places to eat in Upper Marlboro MD and some of the outdoor activities would keep you occupied. Also, the Upper Marlboro is located just 16 miles away from Washington DC and 34 miles from Baltimore.

It is fair to say that many of these major cities have impacted the growth and development of the area around which include Upper Marlboro, MD. Many would consider the town to be the perfect place to live if they have to commute to DC since housing is much cheaper compared to the DC area. It is also great if you have some time off during the weekend and you want to explore some of the major cities around Upper Marlboro.

If you find the area interesting and you might consider relocating here, find local real estate agents in Upper Marlboro MD that would help you settle and find the perfect home that suits your needs.


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