What Is The Population Of Gulf Breeze Florida?

Answer for "What is the population of Gulf Breeze Florida?"

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For a coastal city that works as a suburb for Pensacola, FL, the city of Gulf Breeze, Florida is a breeze for those that want to enjoy a great holiday like living all year long. With a population of approximately 7,000 residents, the city is rather small but this fact does not limit the access to astounding amenities and it also makes Gulf Breeze, FL a good place to live for those that want to enjoy a more peaceful environment in Florida. Relocating is easy breezy with the help of our real estate agents in Gulf Breeze FL and your family will be safer than in other cities nearby.

Demographics of Gulf Breeze, FL

As during the last decade the city experienced an increase in population of 22.51%, with an average year-to-year growth of 2.5% there is continuous development happening in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This increase happened because of the combination of growing nativity statistics as well as relocating new residents from the US as well as Europe. Many new residents who are looking for a peaceful place in the Sunshine State decide to come here and enjoy the great attractions available.

Racial Diversity

  • Caucasian - 93.8%
  • Hispanic - 2.6%
  • Asian - 1.4%
  • Two or more races - 1.2%
  • Native American - 0.5%
  • African American - 0.3%
  • Other races - 0.2%

The population of Gulf Breeze, Florida is slightly older than Florida’s median age, at the age of 47.4 out of which 34.5% belong to the +55 age group. Seniors in Gulf Breeze are able to access many assisted living facilities available as well as quality health care programs. In regards to their sexual apartenence, 51% of the population is male while the other 49% is female. As the city is spread across 24 miles, the density for the population of Gulf Breeze, Florida is 1,508 residents per square mile.


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