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With its location only 30 minutes away from Wilmington, North Carolina, the small community of Hampstead, NC, is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. But before you start talking to the local real estate agents in Hampstead NC, about the best listings on the market, make sure you are acquainted with at least some of the reasons for which Hampstead is considered a great place to live. 

While North Carolina has many hidden jewels, Hampstead stands out as it is a tiny but shiny jewel. It catches your eye, and it is considered the second-best place to buy a house in the Wilmington area. It also has highly rated public schools for children and is among the best places to raise a family in the area. As you check the options for places to live in North Carolina, you’ll come across Hampstead quite a lot despite, or maybe because of its size. But let’s see the top 3 reasons why this 5,700 resident location has such a great appeal in the area.

1. Small town feel near a big city

Small communities are an oasis for those looking to escape the hectic big city life. As the principal reason why people move here, Hampstead works as a great suburb to Wilmington, and Wilmington has an easy escape to Hampstead. The two, aware of it or not, help each other out. Each brings to the table what the other is missing. Hampstead combines that small-town feel with a modern suburban atmosphere. 

In an unincorporated area of 5,700 residents, getting to know your neighbors is an afterthought of living. Throwing barbeque parties or watching the football games at your children’s school brings the community together and helps bonds of friendship to emerge. Blend into the small community and welcome the slow-paced life that comes with it.

2. Situated by the Ocean

Owning a home by the ocean is a major selling point for most people, and buying a home in Hampstead will give you access to more than just the ocean. Living near the beach comes with a great variety of water-related activities, and let’s not forget about boating. Access to water brings boats into the picture with boat ramps, private piers, and a quick dip in the ocean, creek, or channels any day of the week.

3. Safe Environment

Hampstead’s relatively low crime rates makes it a safer area than most cities in the US. Besides the limited levels of stress that come with living in a small town, the safety in Hampstead truly makes it a very relaxing place to live. Being much safer than other cities in North Carolina, it’s no wonder that it is considered one of the best places to live in the state.

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