What Are The Best Neighborhoods In Canton GA?

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Canton Georgia is one of the state’s best cities, and one of the top destinations for those seeking a quiet, relaxing place to live. Maybe you’ve got a family, and you are looking for a safe place to put down roots that just happens to have great educational opportunities as well. 

Maybe you just want a nice place to retire, where you can escape the fast-paced hustle and bustle of city life. Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s brought you here, seeking out the best neighborhoods in Canton GA. So what are the best neighborhoods in Canton? Let’s find out! 

Mills Ridge

The neighborhood of Mountain View lies due south of Canton proper and is one of the best areas of Canton to live in. With a median household income of almost $100,000, it’s significantly above average as far as household income is concerned. Another great perk of Mills Ridge is attractiveness to families, almost 75% of its residents are families, and the schools in its school zone are excellent. 

Bellview Heights 

For those on a tighter budget, the neighborhood of Bellview Heights provides a great compromise between affordability, safety, and household income. With a median household income of around $56,000, this neighborhood shines as a great option for those without the means to move into one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Canton. Additionally, over 75% of its residents are families, making this an attractive neighborhood for those with kids! 

Laurel Canyon 

If you’re looking for the absolute most inexpensive option without sacrificing safety or education opportunities, then Laurel Canyon might just be the place for you. With decently low crime rates and moderately high median household income, this could just be the perfect place for those with a family but only limited resources.

Whatever your budget or preferences, you’ll need to contact one of the top real estate agents in Canton GA before you move to this relaxed southern paradise. Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll be that much closer to living in the beautiful city of Canton GA!

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