Definition of "What is Pasadena MD known for?"

Pasadena is unlike any other American city. For starters, it’s a census-designated place located in Anne Arundel County along the Chesapeake Bay, in the glorious state of blue crabs and oysters, Maryland. Its population was approximately 33,000 in 2022, dwelling on a total area of 16.1 square miles. 

Real estate in Pasadena, Maryland, is in great demand.

Many newcomers decide to settle in Pasadena, though real estate prices here aren’t the most affordable ones in the US. Demand for homes is high, making the local housing market very competitive. As of the second semester of 2022, the average home selling price in the area was $404,000. This might portend awful news for first-time homebuyers because the seller’s market limits wiggle room for price negotiations. 

However, if you’re set on moving to Pasadena and want to buy or rent an inexpensive apartment or house, contact professional local real estate agents in Pasadena, Maryland! They will find the right solution for your housing needs! 

Pasadena has unique geographical features.

Being a short drive of 14 miles south of Baltimore, Pasadena, Maryland, is a popular moving destination for commuting employees to the great city. Due to its vicinity to many other metropolitan areas, such as Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, and Arlington, VA, Pasadena has qualified for the title of one of the best places to live in Maryland. Its thriving economy with a low unemployment rate of 4.9 percent certainly contributed significantly to the city’s overall popularity.

Residents refer to Pasadena (zipcode 21122) as their charming and peaceful city combined with the surrounding area, comprising Riviera Beach and Lake Shore. 

Pasadena provides outstanding outdoor recreational activities.

Its immediate surroundings are breathtaking, featuring a lot of gorgeous green spaces, beaches, and parks. 

Visit Lake Waterford!

Lake Waterford Park is undoubtedly one of the region’s must-see places. Access to this 108-acre-park is free of charge. You can renew your batteries by shoreline fishing, picnicking, hiking, and studying its astounding knickknack, the waterfowl. 

Then, you can hike along Charger’s Coast Trail and explore the area’s many natural secrets. Lastly, Lake Waterford Park hosts the so-called Freedom Field, a recreation complex capable of catering to the requirements of children with special needs. In a word, fun activities await for sports-enthusiasts of soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and softball.  

Explore the sandiest beaches around Pasadena!

Unfortunately, most of Pasadena’s shoreline areas, wetlands, and marinas are private property; thus, public swimming isn’t allowed. But, worry not! Only a few miles away, you can find a series of fantastic beaches to swim in, such as Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, Matapeake Beach, and Breezy Point Beach.

Dog beach in Pasadena is a rare curiosity!

Downs Park is a dog-friendly park and beach and serves as the ideal venue for your puppies’ training and socialization. Actually, owners can let their canines run around and get in the water. In addition, the park hosts a trendy spot called Mother’s Garden, used for weddings. You can also go camping with your little ones and play basketball in the park.

Golf courses in Pasadena to practice your skills

Pasadena Golf Center and Compass Pointe (a 36-hole golf facility) aren’t exclusive to golf club members only, so you can visit them and take a swing! No wonder many senior citizens choose Pasadena as the ideal place to retire in the US.


We recommend Pasadena to those interested in exceptional artistic and cultural events. History buffs will also enjoy themselves as the place is dedicated to historic preservation. Living in the city is calm and safe in one of the numerous attractive neighborhoods. Though, truth to be told, with the cost of living higher by 12.5 percent than the national average, Pasadena can’t call itself one of the most affordable places to live in Maryland.

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