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Perched on a seabank overlooking the Atlantic ocean the city of Pensacola has a long and fascinating history that has seen it switch hands between Spain, England and finally the United States. It’s safe to say that this city has one of the most storied pasts of any in the entire state! So what is this historic city known for today? Let’s find out! 

Pensacola’s claim to fame 

If you are at all familiar with the city of Pensacola, you’re probably already familiar with the Pensacola Naval Air Station that is located there. This installation has trained tens of thousands of American airmen, and it has been instrumental in devising and perfecting U.S. naval air strategies. 

Although the base was established in the early 19th century as a shipyard, it gained widespread recognition as a training facility for U.S. pilots, which it became shortly before WWI. This began a century-long tradition that brought Pensacola to the forefront of the rapidly developing field of Naval Aviation, a facet of military strategy that is of immense importance in the modern epoch. 

Today, this airbase remains operational, although it is no longer home to the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School which it gained notoriety for. It is, however, home to a superb Aeronautics museum that immortalizes the aeronautical developments which made it the household name it is today. Additionally, it remains the home of the famed Navy flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels. 

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