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Ever since prehistoric times, surveying has been one of the most important acts conducted prior to the construction of any type of structure. If ever wondered what are the steps you need to take in order to build something from scratch, then we can give you a glimpse on how the process is actually starting. What is surveying and who gets to do this job?

Commonly it is believed that any building starts with the foundation, but actually one of the first things that are required is ensuring that the land is able to sustain the structures that will be built upon it. This is where surveying comes into play.

Surveying is a profession, but it is also a technique that uses scientific methods to determine the terrestrial position of points and different measurements between them such as distance, angles, and others. These measured positions are usually located on the Earth’s surface, and they are used to set boundaries or establish maps for locations as well as ownership.

Surveying is also used as a means to determine the surface of a location and it’s future use for any entity that is going to build upon the land. There are different types of land surveys that exist but some of the most important are Mortgage, Boundary, Construction, and topographic surveys.

Surveys are usually conducted by land surveyors and if you ever wondered what a land surveyor does, well you probably got your answer by now. In order to perform this task, land surveyors require academic studies and need to have good technical knowledge.

While some of your favorite places to live have undergone a survey in the past, finding a place to live is a task more fit for a realtor. That’s why we recommend hiring a land surveyor for your land surveys and finding a real estate agent to help you search for your dream home.


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