Why Is Jacksonville Beach Water Brown?

Answer for "Why is Jacksonville Beach water brown?"

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Many people wind up in the city of Jacksonville Beach, Florida that is located just a short drive away from Jacksonville, FL on Florida’s east coast, without being aware of the distinct water color. While walking on the beaches of Jacksonville Beach, FL is truly mesmerizing especially during sunset, you won’t see crystal clear waves on the horizon so you might be wondering why are the waters of Jacksonville Beach brown.

Once you get to Jacksonville Beach you will realize that there is a brownish tint to the water. Snorkeling isn’t a viable option for beach activities because of that but there are waves that make way for many other water related activities. Also, the considerable tidal range creates a very broad and walkable beach area with plenty of space available for playing sports by the water or simply laying down in the waves that wash over the fine sand.

Why is the water brown?

As Jacksonville Beach, Florida has the ocean to the east, to the west it is bordered by the Intercoastal Waterway, while to the north, the large St. Johns River runs down into the ocean. The Intercoastal Waterway creates a salt-marsh turbidity that has the characteristic of the Sea Island area that extends all the way to the north of Charleston, SC. The main reason why the waters in Jacksonville Beach are brown is the St. Johns River. Many people are drawn to the waterfront availability and it’s easy to find the best place for your family with top real estate agents in Jacksonville Beach FL.

The St. Johns River has a murky color due to the fact that it picks up sediments on its way towards the coast. It is from decaying plants or nutrients that is picked up along the way. The effect is all the more evident after heavy rains when the river becomes higher and collects these kinds of sediments from larger portions of land.

The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that the color of the water along Jacksonville Beach, Florida is in no way due to pollution, oil spills or any kind of fungus. Jacksonville Beach, FL remains a great place for vacations despite the color of the water. It is a result of the same things that make rivers turn brown … ground sediment, decaying plants and a heavy flow. Especially if the river is not as fast flowing and wide it can not filter the water by flowing through rocks and because of that, the water remains brown even when it reaches the ocean. It is safe to swim and should not be compared to the Red Tide effect.


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