What Is The Cost Of Living In McKinney Texas?

Answer for "What is the cost of living in McKinney Texas?"

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If you have a family, or a job that just doesn’t pay that well, chances are your first concern when moving to a new city is its cost of living. You’ll probably research the price of gas, rent, utilities and all other basic necessities of life, in an effort to find out exactly how much you’re going to be spending each month. After all, when you’re on a tight budget, every penny counts, right? 

If the town you’re considering moving to is McKinney Texas, you’re no doubt wondering about this very thing. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll break down the most important aspects that affect the cost of living in Mckinney. Let’s get into it and find out if the city of McKinney is a good place to live

Fuel, housing and utility costs  

Fuel in McKinney, Texas is very reasonably priced, with a gallon of unleaded 89 octane gasoline priced around $1.89 on average. This is bound to fluctuate, of course, but it's not at all difficult to find affordably priced fuel at any of McKinney’s fueling stations.

Housing in McKinney is a bit pricey, with homes selling for an average of $320,000 and median rent prices usually hovering around $1,200 per month. While this is a bit pricey, McKinney TX has a long list of attractive perks such as excellent schools, low crime rates and a variety of impressive amenities, which inflate its housing costs. 

Utilities are much more reasonably priced than housing, fortunately. Due to its proximity to the equator, cold weather is rarely a problem in Texas; however, you will probably be paying out a relatively high electric bill in the summer to fend off the hot weather. 

If you are considering moving to this beautiful town, why not get in touch with one of the top real estate agents in McKinney TX? These skilled real estate agents will help you find a listing that is right for you and assist you in the purchasing process. Before you know it, you might be living in the beautiful city of Mckinney!


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