Is LEBANON, NH A Good Place To Live?

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Published: Jan 17, 2024

Have you ever dreamt of a place where the seasons paint vibrant landscapes, where community bonds are as strong as the granite hills, and where the essence of a small town intertwines with world-class opportunities? Welcome to Lebanon, New Hampshire - a hidden gem in the Upper Valley that has captured the hearts of many, including mine. 


If you’ve ever wondered if Lebanon, NH, is a good place to live, I’m here to provide compelling reasons for this. Keep reading to find out the benefits of living in this charming community, where neighbors become friends and friends become family.   


Reasons that make Lebanon, NH, a good place to live

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Lebanon may be small (the current population is around 15,000), but its heart is big and diverse. Lebanon is honored by author Norman Crampton as one of the "100 Best Small Towns in America". In fact, out of the 100 little towns in the book, Lebanon came in third place. Let’s see why. 


Secure environment  

Safety is paramount, and Lebanon excels in providing a secure environment. According to, the crime rates in Lebanon, NH, are 19% lower than the national average. Low crime rates mean you can stroll through the town at night, breathe in the crisp air, and truly feel at ease. This sense of security allows families and individuals to pursue their passions without constant worry.  


Breathtaking scenery

Lebanon’s beauty is an ever-changing masterpiece. Picture this - the fiery hues of fall leaves reflecting on the calming waters of the Connecticut River, the pristine white landscapes after a snowfall, and the rebirth of nature in spring. Living in Lebanon lets you enjoy the wonders of all four seasons. It feels like being part of a living painting, where every season unveils a new chapter of natural wonders. 


Educational opportunities

happy diverse kids junior schoolFor families with children, Lebanon is a haven for educational opportunities. Picture this: friendly teachers, supportive vibes, and a community that feels like family. That’s the Lebanon School District for you! From the first day of elementary school to the high school graduation cheers, it’s a place where you grow not just in books but as a person. Dream big? Dartmouth College, the town’s academic gem, is just around the corner. Imagine being part of a world-class institution where possibilities stretch as far as your ambitions. Lebanon opens doors to higher education, making big dreams feel closer than ever. 


Competitive job market 

With a median household income of around $80,000 in 2021, Lebanon opens its doors to various job opportunities that not only fill your pockets but also fulfill your professional dreams. The healthcare sector, anchored by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, offers opportunities for caring souls - be it nurses providing comfort or administrative staff ensuring smooth operations. Other significant employers include companies from the tech sector and education. 


Strategic location

Lebanon’s strategic location near major highways makes navigating life’s journey a breeze. Whether commuting to work or exploring the surrounding beauty, the ease of transportation adds another layer of convenience to your daily life. 


In conclusion, my journey in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been more than just a trip - it’s been a discovery of a place that feels like home. From the scenic wonders to the warmth of the community, Lebanon is not just a place to reside - it is a truly good place to live. Come, be part of the tale of Lebanon - where seasons change, but the feeling of belonging remains constant. 


If you need more information or are willing to relocate to this charming community, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to assist you in your endeavors and provide any additional information you may need.


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