What Are The Best Things To Do In LEBANON, NH?

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Published: Apr 17, 2024

Welcome to Lebanon, NH, a small but mighty town in the heart of the Granite State! This charming city (population approximately 15,800 in 2024) will most definitely improve your life. How so, you may wonder? Whether you're thinking of calling it home, want to explore New Hampshire's hidden treasures, or considering your next real estate investment, Lebanon will always be there for you. So, let's discover the best things this city offers!


Spoiler alert: this delightful town has excellent outdoor adventures and cultural enrichments to get excited about. And I have barely scratched the surface yet!


Let’s get together in Lebanon, New Hampshire!

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Suppose you see Lebanon, New Hampshire, as the ideal relocation destination. Or are you just eyeballing the prospect of moving here? Why don't you reach out to me? I am your friendly and experienced real estate agent in Lebanon, New Hampshire, who knows this gem inside out! I am an expert in the local economy, schools, must-see places, and all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Explore limitless outdoor adventures in Lebanon, New Hampshire!

First off, if you love the great outdoors (who doesn't?), Lebanon has many surprises in store. The city is a stone's throw away from some of New Hampshire's most beautiful and iconic landscapes. So, if you're into hiking, biking, and exploring Mother Nature, you'll find bliss here.


Why don't you start with the Northern Rail Trail, trending among locals and adrenaline-hungry adventurers? The Rail stretches for miles, ideally "crafted" for a family bike ride or a solo jog. 


Are you suffering from winter blues? Well, you won't be here! The Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme, NH (about 13 miles and 33 minutes from Lebanon) promises a thrilling experience for ski enthusiasts. Affordable rates make it a haven for families or individuals looking to hit the slopes without breaking the bank.


Lebanon, NH, is a genuine cultural hub.


Art and history buffs assemble! You'll be in for a treat! Lebanon's dynamic arts scene is palpable at the AVA Gallery and Art Gallery. The extraordinary venue hosts local artists and national talents, displaying their work. Next stop! 


Make sure to see my favorite spot, the Lebanon Opera House. The Opera is an architectural marvel and cultural hub at the same time. Classical concerts? Check! Contemporary shows? Double-check! One thing is sure. You'll always find something to stir your soul!


Lebanon is a foodie's paradise.

Lebanon's food scene is as diverse as it is delicious. You can't go wrong by sitting in cozy coffee houses serving the perfect brew, such as the Anonymous Coffeehouse and Dunkin'. Did you know our restaurants serve gourmet meals that will tease your taste buds? I suggest visiting Salt Hill Pub, our local favorite! The lively atmosphere, craft beers, and great food are guaranteed. In short, it's the best choice to catch up with your friends!


The Farmers' Market "exposes" community life at its finest!

friendly organic vegetableFew towns can be more proud of their communities than Lebanon. If you don't believe me, all you need to do is visit the Lebanon Farmers' Market! The marketplace becomes alive with community vibes, local produce, and handmade crafts on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Mingle with residents, and you'll see how tight the local community can get! Simultaneously, the weekly market is a genuine festival celebrating Lebanon's rich agricultural heritage.


Find excellent education, innovations, and incredible career opportunities in Lebanon, NH!

Lebanon's focus on education and innovation is a big draw for families considering a move. The city boasts top-rated schools like Lebanon High School and Hanover Street School, among the more renowned ones. Plus, our beloved town is about six miles from Dartmouth College, one of the nation's leading Ivy League institutions. Do you prioritize education and skill acquisition? Then, Lebanon will be an attractive spot for you!


Will you find your dream job in Lebanon?

Lebanon's emphasis on top-notch education doesn't go unnoticed. Indeed, it serves as the cornerstone of a robust economy. First and foremost, the bustling healthcare sector is led by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, one of New England's premier hospitals. We are also proud that Lebanon boasts a growing tech scene, offering exciting opportunities for professionals in various fields to grow and thrive!


Wrapping up

In Lebanon, NH, life is what you make of it. Outdoor enthusiasts, culture vultures, foodies, or families looking for a home will find their dream come true. This New Hampshire gem showcases a fantastic blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, community spirit, and economic vitality.


Let's give Lebanon a closer look! It might be the perfect backdrop for your next (personal, professional, or purely explorative) adventure. And remember! Contact me if you need an expert guide to learn more about Lebanon, New Hampshire!


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