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The safest cities in Florida

We’re just going to say it: if you’ve never visited Florida, you’re missing out big time. Tourists and residents alike happily concur that this state is just about as close as you can get to heaven on earth, with immaculate white sand beaches, crystalline coastal waters, and weather that’s balmy and breezy year round. There’s a good reason that this state is one of America’s favorite summer destinations

You know what’s even better than sunny weather? Not paying your taxes! This will get you jailed in most states, but here there’s no state income tax, so you’re free to spend your hard-earned dollars however you please. That’s not all, though; this state is simply brimming with practical and pleasurable reasons to make it your new home.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new place to relocate, such as cost of living, job opportunities, culture, and education. In every category, Florida stands above and beyond the competition, palm frond skirt proudly waving in the breeze. There’s one question you might be asking about Florida’s friendliest cities, however; that question is safety! 

When you think about it, safety is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when discussing relocation and the purchase of a home. If a city or neighborhood isn’t safe, then you’re not likely to be safe either; likewise, the home you buy won’t hold its value as a similar home in a safer area. So what are the safest cities in Florida? If you’re curious to learn about Florida’s safest cities, then today’s article is the article for you. You’re going to love what we’ve got for you today! In this article, we’re going to be listing and discussing the safest cities in Florida, as well as providing you with some handy info on why public and personal safety is so important. Let’s get into it!

Article Summary:

1. What makes a safe city?

2. Satellite Beach, FL

3. Indian Harbour Beach FL

4. Naples FL

5. Boca Raton FL

6. Marco Island FL

7. Venice FL

8. Cape Coral FL

9. Longboat Key FL

10. Sanibel FL

11. Parkland FL

What makes a safe city?

neighborhood watch sign

Before we start talking about the safest cities in Florida and the safest cities in Florida for families, we need to discuss what safety is, and what makes a city safe. Many think that a safe city is a place with low crime rates, which is not far from the truth. Of course, there are other factors that come into play, as demonstrated by cities in the US have extremely low property crime rates

Statistics don’t always tell the whole story, but crime rates are one of the best ways to assess the value of a home and determine whether or not it’s the right place for you and your family. Now, you may be wondering what “other factors” we were referring to when we mentioned the fact that crime rates aren’t an entirely reliable source of safety data. Let’s take a look! 

Traffic safety is also a significant component that determines if a city is safe or not. Poor infrastructure and transportation can lead to debilitating or deadly accidents and affect the physical security of its residents. Conversely, traffic safety data from US cities with the above average public transportation and traffic infrastructure show that these factors can be directly linked to enhanced physical safety among residents. Also, cities that allow for fast commutes are tailored with sound road infrastructure in mind, leading to fewer accidents and more security.

Education can also influence the safety of a given city. As you might imagine, an educated population often translates to improved safety both personal and public. Coincidentally, this is the exact reason that the best school districts in Florida are also some of the safest places to live. Towns with above average schools, amenities, and culture usually provide a family-friendly environment, ultimately creating a safer environment.Logically, it follows that Florida’s best cities to raise a family are safer than other similar cities. As is the case with many things, safety is best measured through comparison. Some areas are better than others in terms of security, and if you come from a “rough” neighborhood, there are plenty of other places that are much safer than where you used to live.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the various factors that play into the discussion surrounding safety and security, let’s take a look at some of Florida’s safest cities. These cities may not have a perfect safety record, but statistically they’re far safer than your average small- or mid-sized city in other parts of the country. Let’s get into it!

Florida crime rates compared to other states

image crime rate concept

While we’re on the topic of public safety, it may be of interest to you to learn how Florida crime rates compare to other states. With its very noticeable presence in the tabloids and online media websites, you might think that crime rates in the state of Florida are tremendously disproportionate when compared to those in other states. This might lead you to wonder whether this is consistent with the actual empirical crime rates? 

The answer to this question is a resounding “no!” While crime rates in the state of Florida have historically been somewhat higher than those in other states, those same statistics have been consistently dropping for years. In the current year of 2022, crime rates in Florida are lower than the national average at 3.8 incidents per 1,000 residents per year compared to the national average of 4.

Looking forward to the future, the coming years could potentially see the cities on this list ranked among not only the safest cities in Florida, but the safest in the country. With economic development on the rise and crime on the decline, there’s no telling what the future holds for this beautiful state!

Satellite Beach, FL

single family house in south florida

With a population of approximately 10,000 residents, Satellite Beach FL is a cozy little seaside town that offers all the perks and benefits of living by the ocean all while remaining personal and intimate in a way that a big city simply can’t. While larger cities might be more popular as vacation destinations, Satellite beach FL offers all the beachside features and a much smaller community of people where no one passes unnoticed. 

In addition to its many delightful and attractive attributes, there’s another reason that Satellite Beach tops our list. In terms of safety, this small city is one of the safest places in Florida, and indeed the country as a whole. Living in Satellite Beach FL is safer than nearly 80% of cities in the US. With a deft combination of community development, competent law enforcement and excellent educational institutions, Satellite Beach is unquestionably the safest place in Florida. 

Reports from 2018 place this city amongst the safest places to live in Florida. With property crime rates six times lower than the national average, it is understandable why we placed it so high on our list. These crime rates aren’t the only factor that make this city safe, but they are one of most notable reasons why this is perceived as such a safe city. On the other hand, Satellite Beach FL ranks as a safe city because of its amazingly friendly community. You’ll be living in an area with some of Florida’s finest culinary offerings. The addition of pet-friendly beaches make the life of pet owners an enjoyable experience. With the help of real estate agents in Satellite Beach FL, you can easily become a resident in this beautiful community and enjoy all the amazing perks of living in this sprawling city.

Indian Harbour Beach FL

beautiful new house florida palm trees

Aside from the crime rates that affect a city’s security, hurricanes can also be a problem. One of the downsides of tropical locations is that they are prone to be hit by hurricanes when the season comes around. Some cities in Florida are less affected by hurricanes than others. As any native Florida resident will readily tell you, hurricanes are an ever present and ever menacing drawback to living in the state of Florida. 

However, when you live in a StormReady city such as Indian Harbour Beach FL, hurricanes should be your last worry. Located on a small barrier island between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Indian Harbor Beach FL is one of the safest places to live in Florida in terms of hurricane safety. Both the StormReady program and the community’s low crime rates make it a safe and secure place to live. 

The area is located mere minutes away from some of the best beaches on the East Coast and world-famous fishing spots. Whether you’re an expert angler with years of experience or are simply interested in trying out this hobby for the first time, the city of Indian Harbor Beach is one of the best places to do just that. Residents and tourists in the Harbor can enjoy the gorgeous tropical landscape, along with plenty of green areas and top-rated beaches. The city is considered a residential gem, and with the help of our real estate agents in Indian Harbour Beach FL you can get your hands on some of the best housing options on the East Coast of Florida. This is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy if you make your home in one of the most safe places to live in Florida!

Naples FL

naples florida port

If you ever searched for some of Florida’s best vacation spots, chances are the city of Naples FL popped out amongst the searches. The affluent beach community holds a population of about 22,000 people and the city is as safe and beautiful as rumors say. Reports from 2017 place the city of Naples amongst the safest cities in Florida, with a crime rate at one incident per 1,000 residents and property crimes rates that are just as low.

Crime can’t live in such a gorgeous city, and it is one of the main reasons tourists visit the area. The clean waters and the world-class beach experience is at its best, and the ocean views and sunsets from the Naples Pier are as good as they could get. Naples also has one of Florida’s wealthiest populations, with a high concentration of households having a 7-figure income.

The city caters to an older demographic, and if you don’t have a retirement plan yet, you might consider putting the town of Naples FL, at the top of your list. Housing in this coastline city is of absolute beauty, and with the help of good realtors in Naples FL you can find a perfect deal and become a new resident in this picturesque community.

In spite of its mostly-senior populace, Naples is also home to a surprisingly large number of jobs and career opportunities. If you’re not a retiree, don’t write this city off before giving it a fair shake; chances are you’ll be able to find a job that pays better than whatever you’re doing now. With so many things going for it, how could you ever resist the call to make this city your home?

Boca Raton FL

aerial view of boca raton community

The world-famous Miami metropolitan area is one of the most popular spots in Florida for both vacationers and new residents alike.Popular doesn’t necessarily mean safe, but when you take a look at some of the cities populating the metro area you’ll quickly realize that some of these smaller cities are remarkable when it comes to safety. Take Boca Raton, FL for example; it’s one of the best places to live in Palm Beach County

Think about an upscale community with luxury homes, top-notch dining, and amenities. In Boca Raton, you’ll find all of this and more! Of course, there are pros and cons to living in Boca Raton FL, but one of the city’s most compelling attributes is its low crime rates. It’s the archetype when it comes to safe places to live in Florida! With a crime rate that is half the national average and excellent law enforcement, this is one place you don’t want to miss.

Other reasons might have to do with the excellent job market, top-rated schools, and top amenities favorable for raising a family. Did we mention the idyllic beach areas and the fact that you are a stone’s throw away from Florida’s Everglades? Soaking up the sun on the beach and engaging in recreational activities in the swamp are just a few ways you can spend your time. If you’re thinking of making this city your home, we can’t blame you; it’s one of the most attractive locales in the state! With the help of realtors in Boca Raton FL you can find yourself a lovely home in this beautiful city and be moved in before you know. With their help, you’ll be able to do it under budget too. Here’s to Boca Raton’s newest happy resident!

Marco Island FL

aerial view of marco island

Close to Naples FL, Marco Island is the most extensive developed land amongst Florida’s ten thousand islands. The island inhabitants and tourists can enjoy beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and unspoiled parks. Because of its proximity to the ocean and tropical climate, it is easy to see why so many people are attracted to the area.

The island city was incorporated in 1997, and with a population of about 18,000 people, Marco Island ranks as one of the safest places in Florida. Crime rates are about 76% lower than the national average and 78% below the state average. Living here, you will surely not be disappointed with the safety and amenities of the area. There’s simply so much to love about this city! 

That isn’t all, though; this city is home to one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the state, with reasonable home prices and high appreciation rates. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, then you’ll find that and much more here. You’re not going to want to pass up on an opportunity like this, especially if you have the resources to purchase more than one property here!  Activities such as camping, canoeing, boating, fishing, picnicking, and walks in nature are prevalent amongst residents and tourists alike. Natural habitats are at their finest, and you have the perfect combination of natural landscape with trees, green areas, and wildlife along with the most gorgeous stretch of beachfront. With the help of real estate agents in Marco Island FL, you can quickly relocate this scintillating little island with ease!

Venice FL

venice florida sun over view

Probably one of the most unappreciated gems of Florida is the town of Venice. This gorgeous little town offers a myriad of attractive benefits and amenities. The beautiful city of Venice FL, also enjoys plenty of job opportunities, a mound of attractions, and is a reasonably priced city to live in.

Safety is at its best, which is why Venice is one of the safest cities in Florida. Venice FL is a very safe place to live with a property crime of about 14 incidents per 1000 residents and crime rates at about 1 incident per 1000 residents. The real estate is very accessible for the average home buyer, and with prices close to the national average, you can get your hands on a lovely property in Venice. Get in touch with the local realtors in Venice FL, for more information.

The real estate of Venice not only shares with us the architectural beauty of these structures but also the history of Venice. Famed US senators call this city home, and the splendor of hotel buildings with timeless colonial style is worthy of admiration. Stretches of white sandy beaches overlooking the emerald waters of the Gulf are a sight for sore eyes, and the pier offers a breathtaking view of the landscape.

Cape Coral FL

cape coral boat in waterfront property

Usually, when people think about Florida, their minds go to Miami or Orlando, but too many people overlook Cape Coral, FL. Unlike the cities we have mentioned previously, Cape Coral has a larger population of about 190,000 people. Even though it is a larger city, it’s quiet and peaceful communities give a friendly and safe vibe to the surrounding environment.

With a violent crime rate of 1 incident per 1000 residents and a favorable environment for seniors, it is easy to see why Cape Coral is considered one of the safest places to live in Florida. The city’s safety is backed up by its ability to deliver spellbinding attractions and things to do. Swimming and walking along the beautiful stretches of beach are two of the most popular activities among residents, and you can find plenty of shopping centers in the area too!

If you like spending time fishing, then this city is perfect for you. There’s no shortage of great fishing spots, with an abundance of both freshwater and saltwater piers and docks to choose from. There are also a number of bait and tackle shops in the area, so you won’t want for variety when it comes to choosing lures and bait! Living in Cape Coral FL is also an attractive option for families because of the excellent school system. However, the master-planned community is home to a healthy real estate market where you can find any type of home that suits your style and needs. Just contact one of our top real estate agents in Cape Coral FL to inquire about current home prices and how you can become a resident of this exquisite city.

Longboat Key FL

aerial view of longboat key florida

The barrier island of Longboat Key is home to a town with the same name. Located along the west coast of Florida, this gorgeous stretch of land has a privileged spot along the Gulf Coast. Longboat Key is an absolutely wonderful town with a peaceful atmosphere, fewer crowds, and traffic than Siesta Key or Lido Key. Beautiful resorts, restaurants, and the pristine landscape give an upscale feel to the area, and safety is not an issue on the barrier island.

Longboat Key is safer than 97% of Florida cities, and this shows us why this town is one of the safest cities in Florida. It provides the same look and feels that you get in the more popular keys but less noise. With so much beachfront, the real estate extends along the coastline with residential gems that would make anyone want to relocate here. 

This island city doesn’t have Longboat in its name for nothing; as you might imagine, it’s a great place for anyone who enjoys boating as a pastime! With a wide variety of boat ramps and docks to choose from, anyone who likes spending time out on the water will instantly feel at home here. That’s just one more reason to make this place your home! There are a number of ways that you can make this city your home, but your best option is to interface with a local real estate professional. Get in touch with the local realtors in Longboat Key FL if you are interested in moving here, and you can become the newest member of this warm and welcoming community!

Sanibel FL

sanibel island

Staying on the gorgeous Gulf Coast, not far from Longboat, there is the pristine city of Sanibel FL. There are many reasons why Sanibel is known amongst residents and tourists as “the Barrier Island Sanctuary,” and since it made it on our list, one of the reasons is its safety. There’s a lot more to this city than that, of course, but let’s start by taking a look at the (exceptionally low) crime rates in this city. 

Sanibel FL has crime rates lower than the national average by 60%. A report released by the National Council of Home Safety and Security says that Sanibel is the seventh safest city in Florida. More than that, Sanibel scores high points for the island’s tropical nature and the nearby nature preserve. Seniors favor this area for their future retirement plans and with a small population of around 8,000, you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing tropical paradise.

As the home of one of the largest and most ecologically diverse wildlife reserves in the state, Sanibel Island is an excellent choice for anyone with an interest in conservation and wildlife observation. From its beaches to its green spaces, Sanibel Island hosts a plethora of unique species and varieties of flora and fauna. There isn’t a nature enthusiast on the face of this earth who won’t enjoy spending time here! If you love boating, Sanibel is the place for you. Sanibel features luxurious resorts, gorgeous sunsets on the beachfront, and some of the finest accommodations if you plan to lay back and relax. Not to mention that with the help of good real estate agents in Sanibel FL, you can easily find a new place that you can call home and relocate here.

Oviedo, FL

oviedo in park center

Rounding out this list, we’ve got another extremely safe and secure city by the name of Oviedo. Unlike many of the cities on this list, Oviedo is located inland, some one and a half hours from the nearest beach. In spite of this fact, Oviedo is a beautiful little city, and well worth your attention? Don’t believe us? Keep reading! 

The first thing you’ll notice about Oviedo during your visit is its beautiful architecture. With a history that stretches back to Florida’s earliest days as a Spanish colony, this city is home to a plethora of fascinating and unique architectural designs that set it apart from its younger and more blasé counterparts elsewhere in the state. 

But you didn’t come here to read about architecture; you’re here to learn about Florida’s safest cities! On this front, Oviedo enters the running in excellent form, with only 1.3 violent crime incidents and 6.1 property crime incidents per 1,000 residents per year. This places it in the 68th percentile nationally in terms of public safety, a distinction that is not to be taken lightly! 

If you’re interested in making this beautiful and safe city your home, your best bet is to get in touch with one of the excellent real estate agents in the area. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals are exactly the kind of people you want on your side while you search for the perfect home. With their help, you’ll be moved into your new home in no time flat!

Parkland FL

club house view

If we move inland to the Miami metropolitan area, we will soon run into Parkland FL. A city with humble beginnings that has grown immensely in the past years and gave birth to an outstanding community of people. The proud residents of Parkland managed to maintain environmental awareness. With nine parks and five public schools, the city is known to be one of Florida’s best cities to raise a family.

Aside from that, Parkland’s safety earned it an honorable spot on our list of Florida’s safest cities. Crime rates are below 0.5 incidents per 1000 residents, and property crime rates are around 5 incidents per 1000 residents, making Parkland safer than 79% of other US cities. In the spirit of its motto, “Environmentally proud,” Parkland residents have initiated a program that recognized eco-friendly businesses.

On the other hand, Parkland FL is a great place to raise a family because of the family friendly-amenities and the rural feel of the area. With most residents owning their homes, you can also become a proud homeowner in this environment-friendly community by contacting the realtors in Parkland FL.

Our conclusion on the safest cities in Florida

For years on end, coastal destinations have inspired people to think big and chase their dreams. These tropical paradises inspire a unique and thoroughly enjoyable feeling that can’t be matched in any city that can’t lay claim to such a location, and it’s one you shouldn’t miss out on. Living beside or near the open water is an experience that is as enjoyable as it is inspiring, and we’d like everyone to experience this joy at least once in their lifetime! 

Unfortunately, many coastal communities are home to an unusually high number of crime, which deters would-be homebuyers from putting down roots in these cities. Today, it’s our hope that we’ve dispelled the notion that seaside towns are inherently dangerous and should be avoided. With any luck, you’ll be moving to one of the cities on this list before long! 

Furthermore, safety is an essential factor to consider when you decide it is time to relocate to a new city. With this article, we hope we’ve given you plenty of information and food for thought as you do your best to locate a safe, secure place to call home. As we’ve demonstrated with this article, there isn’t anything resembling a shortage of such places here in the state of Florida! 

Did you enjoy this article? Want to leave some feedback, or ask a question? Leave us a comment in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our readers are of the utmost importance to us, so making sure that your experience is enjoyable is our top priority. We look forward to hearing from you!


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