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The small town of Marco Island, Florida, is located on the largest barrier island of the Ten Thousand Islands in the Southwest of Florida. Its location makes it an ideal vacation destination, and real estate agents in Marco Island FL can talk for hours about the pristine beaches’ beauty. As a barrier island, you will find that Marco Island, Florida, is a paradise for boat enthusiasts with a significant percentage of waterfront homes and over 100 miles of canals to explore. Besides the paradise vacation destination, realtors in Marco Island FL will tell you about the city’s proximity to Naples, Bonita Springs, as well as the much larger cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. If the island’s waterfront activities aren’t enough for your active lifestyle, more excitement can be found in the surrounding cities, only a short drive away. A town that was developed as a holiday resort might be a bit too quiet for young adults, but daily sunsets from your private pier might persuade you to buy a holiday home. Real estate agents in Marco Island Florida, are aware of the town’s holiday appeal, and rentals are available in season. Because of its resort-like atmosphere and amazing Florida weather, most of Marco Island’s senior residents chose to relocate here for their retirement. Realtors in Marco Island can get into details about satisfied clients as the list of amenities exceeds many retirement communities across the state and the country. Just looking at this small town’s safety ratings will make any senior want to plan for a relaxing vacation here. The town’s life quality makes realtors in Marco Island FL think of ideal living standards with incredible restaurants, entertainment, outdoor activities, and recreational opportunities. The countless miles of white sandy beaches coupled with the mangrove estuaries make this remote oasis an ideal vacation spot.
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Marco Island, Florida, can be found just a short drive away from the fantastic Florida Everglades to the north or a short distance south of Naples. The island is known as the largest of the Ten Thousand Islands in the Southwest of Florida, but it is also the only developed land among those islands.

Real estate agents in Marco Island FL, consider one of the best attributes of this town to be the breathtaking beaches to the west that give splendid viewpoints of sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Something else that realtors in Marco Island FL, never forget to mention is the warm tropical climate that provides ideal weather conditions year-round. Marco Island, Florida, is known as a resort town for snowbirds with a warm winter climate as well as a seasonal town with an increased population from October to May.

Job Market in Marco Island, Florida

The tourism industry is incredibly well developed, with luxury resorts that real estate agents in Marco Island FL, know are fully booked during the winter season. The town may seem remote, which is ideal for those that want to relax, but it’s simple to get there. The connection to the mainland through two bridges makes commuting accessible for those that work on the mainland. 

The job industry as a whole makes Marco Island, Florida, a white-collar city with over 90% of the workforce being employed in white-collar jobs. Almost 19% of the workforce works in sales, over 15% occupy management positions, and close to 12% offer office and administrative support. But that’s not all. Close to 17% of the employed population works from home, either as telecommuters or as self-employed individuals that operate small businesses. Real estate agents in Marco Island FL, see these high-paying jobs as a sign that the town will continue to develop.

Real Estate Market in Marco Island

The real estate industry in Marco Island, Florida, provides an incredibly varied real estate market. Talking to realtors in Marco Island FL, you’ll become aware that home prices vary, but home sizes vary as well. Whether you’re looking for a five-bedroom single-family home or a two-bedroom apartment in a small apartment complex, there is little that real estate agents in Marco Island FL, can not offer you. The value of these homes can be anywhere between the wide range of $25,000 to $8,900,000, however, for a broader picture, the median home value is $579,000.

One thing that might spark interest in real estate investors is knowing that the real estate market in Marco Island, Florida, is among the US’s higher appreciating markets. Over the last ten years, the appreciation rate has been almost 54%, with an annual appreciation rate of 4.4%. Realtors in Marco Island FL, provide advice for home-buyers and investors who want to make some long-term investments in one of the best areas for real estate investments in the country.

Marco Island’s past time activities

When it comes to things to do in Marco Island, Florida, the options are as limitless as the ocean by which the town is located. The list of boat tours that can be promoted by the realtors of Marco Island FL includes the Ten Thousand Islands and the Dome Home with dolphins playing around the boat and shelling for those passionate about marine life. Don’t forget about the awesome Everglades adventures available across the island, either by a guided tour or private boats. 

A little way inland, you will find the Manatee Eco Tours that entertain many real estate agents in Marco Island FL, along with residents and visitors. The Full Throttle Waverunner Adventures will give anyone an extra dose of adrenaline through jet skis and the natural habitat of many marine creatures. For some on-land outdoor adventure, the Otter Mound Preserve will offer incredible scenic views and hiking opportunities for active Floridians of Marco Island. 

On this page, you’ll find some of the best realtors in Marco Island FL, that can help make your holiday house dream come true. The atmosphere in this town will embrace you and your family, and your boating adventures will commence from the moving day. The most experienced real estate agents in Marco Island FL, will make your focus their’s as they browse through the listings and get you closer to your second-home holiday destination.

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