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For those dreaming of a cocktail by the sunset from their waterfront patio, coming to this page can be the first step in making that dream a reality. In this southwest barrier island in Florida, real estate agents in Sanibel FL, understand their city’s appeal. Besides the great activities available in the city, which we’ll get into details below, its location across the Pine Island Sound and the Caloosahatchee River places it a short drive away from Cape Coral and Fort Myers, both major cities with ample opportunities. Realtors in Sanibel Florida usually don’t run out of things to do in this city. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy a property, the city has some of the best real estate agents in Sanibel FL at your discretion. A walk around this ideal vacation spot underlines the opportunities of this city. Relaxation, a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a natural destination for adventurers are things that realtors in Sanibel FL, say drive people to their city. Figuring out which real estate agents in Sanibel FL to work with shouldn’t be a problem as the best are listed below with information on how to contact them. With a trusty professional by your side, you’ll find that your real estate endeavor will go smoothly and be over in a short time. You don’t have to worry about anything. Let the local realtors in Sanibel FL, deal with the necessary paperwork and use that time to focus on your family. After contacting one of the best real estate agents in Sanibel FL, you’ll get all the inside scoop on these treasured barrier islands, the best accommodation deals, best meal locations, and, if you like shells, you might just start a great shell collection. Our knowledgeable realtors in Sanibel Florida, are available to answer any question you might have about the city before or after deciding to relocate here.
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Now, as we covered some general information about the city of Sanibel, Florida, you might still be on the fence about it. You’re allowed to take your time before a decision like this, and talking with the local real estate agents in Sanibel FL, might help sway your decision or help you decide one way or the other. We see countless advantages for those that fall in love with this city as we have, so we’ll get into more details about this Floridian beauty of Sanibel.

Sanibel’s Real Estate Market

When actively in the real estate market, there are two things to consider. Firstly, there’s that median home value, and secondly, the investment attractiveness. We can turn to realtors in Sanibel FL, for both of these, explaining how the two correlate to the real estate market’s health in the city.


The city’s median home value is $789,000, significantly higher than the state’s median property cost. However, the real estate agents in Sanibel FL, acknowledge this as the city’s appreciation and increased investment opportunities. With a high percentage of homes being priced above the city’s median value and a high homeownership rate, we can conclude that the median income is also above the state’s standards, with the per capita income at $87,000.


As for investment opportunities, realtors in Sanibel FL, explain how in the latest quarter, appreciation increased by 2.7%, which would lead to an annual appreciation of over 11%, higher than the state or country average. Strength in real estate investments creates a supply for investment demands, and the growing population will benefit from it. Real estate agents in Sanibel Florida, are expecting an increase in new real estate developments as the real estate market in the city is well balanced, but that can change at any time.

Job Industry in Sanibel Florida

Employment in the city of Sanibel Florida, might be one of the factors that influenced you to browse this page. Realtors in Sanibel FL, are aware of the city’s economic growth, but the most appealing aspect for new residents is the plummeting unemployment rates. Job security is not lacking as unemployment reached its lowest rate in the last ten years at 3.4%. Future job growth is expected to surpass 41% in this white-collared city. According to the local real estate agents in Sanibel FL, health and management occupations are among the highest-earning jobs. They can also tell you while also employing among the highest percentage of the city’s residents.

The high earning salaries may just be the reason why you’re thinking of relocating to Sanibel, Florida. Around 20% of the population earn between $100K and $150K, while 21% exceed the $200K annual salary. The family median income, as realtors in Sanibel FL, very well know, is around $121,000, so it’s easy to see why the population has been increasing lately.

Should you relocate to Sanibel, Florida?

This marvelous barrier island and city in Lee County offers around 15 miles of unspoiled sandy beaches. Across the island, new residents know from real estate agents in Sanibel FL, that they can enjoy approximately 25 miles of bike paths while experiencing the beauty of this coastal city. Birdwatching is another great past-time activity in Florida’s resort-like city of Sanibel. For shell enthusiasts, there are over 250 different kinds of shells to be added to their collection. 


Many other reasons for relocation to Sanibel Florida, increase the quality of life of the residents. Any realtors in Sanibel FL, will tell you all about the nature tours that are available for the most adventurous residents. If golfing and tennis are activities that spark your interest more, several courses have some of the best waterfront views in the nation. All the information is made available by contacting some of the best real estate agents in Sanibel FL, which can be found listed above.


If you still have doubts about the city, rest assured that the local realtors in Sanibel FL, will put them to rest. It’s difficult to find reasons not to move to this remote barrier island as it gives both the isolation and the connectivity that we all want in life. One bridge is all that connects Sanibel, Florida, to the mainland, and boating is always a great alternative option. Lift your sails and start your adventure now.

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