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Discover Bangor, a welcoming and sweet little town in central Maine! The city (also known as The Queen City) established its reputation as a true mecca for the shipbuilding and lumber industries back in the 19th century. Due to its strategic location within the state, Bangor is endowed with essential facilities, such as the Bangor International Airport, the Northern Light Arcadia Hospital, and the Cross Insurance Center. Queen City turned into a trendy relocation and tourist destination. Why? Because the region features a series of breathtaking outdoor activities in an attractive setting. We recommend visiting the Bangor State Fair with live music and the famous Demolition Derby right off the bat. Just ask the best local real estate agents in Bangor, Maine! And they will demonstrate that an affordable housing market and a thriving regional economy are the two main driving forces for newcomers to choose Bangor. We wouldn’t be too surprised if you couldn’t brush the idea of moving to Bangor aside. Why should you? Let the top local real estate agents in Bangor ME, astonish you with some irresistible housing options! We’re talking about licensed realtors in Bangor ME who are at the top of their game. Suppose you’re into buying a home on a budget in Bangor. Then, contact top-tier local real estate agents in Bangor ME, to get an update on the latest property listings. Undoubtedly, trained realtors in Bangor ME have already gathered all topical listings and information on the market. And they would be more than happy to bring you up-to-speed with homes, condos, and single-and multi-family properties available in the best Bangor neighborhoods. Set your budget and let these agents hook you up with the home of your dreams! Investing in Bangor property, such as farms, lands, and lots, has never ceased to be an excellent idea.
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Are you browsing through the rental listings in Bangor and can’t find anything? Did you know that rental prices in Bangor are less pricey than the Maine average? Contact experienced realtors in Bangor ME to get a customized rental offer just for you and your family! Renting a unit in downtown Bangor or in the suburbs has never been more straightforward. Check out superb and cheap apartments and homes for rent with ultra-modern amenities. Then, we recommend calling licensed local real estate agents in Bangor, Maine! 

2022 marks an exciting period for buyers and sellers alike. Realtors in Bangor ME will reinforce your hunch that the real estate market is in top shape. So, step up and start selling your home in Bangor! But why would you expose yourself to unnecessary stress and hassle? Instead, let highly-trained local real estate agents in Bangor ME, take care of business! As a result, they will expertly organize the listing and marketing of your property. Besides, you won’t have to worry about home inspections, evaluation, staging, etc.! Selling a home in Bangor will be painless, with guaranteed highest profits!

Discover the unique real estate market in Bangor, Maine!

Once the local economy started rolling, the housing market also picked up. Skilled local real estate agents in Bangor ME, reported that the median home sale price was approximately $242,000 as of May 2022, indicating a 22 percent increase since last year. Compared to the Maine average, real estate in Bangor is 16 percent more affordable. Besides, rentals in Bangor cost slightly less than the state average by three percent. We recommend that homebuyers take a leap of faith and invest in a Bangor property since prices are prone to go up.

At the same time, home sellers can obtain a quick and more than a decent return on investment because homes in Bangor sell after eight days on the market. Additionally, they can sell their property by two to nine percent above the list price. There’s nothing left to be said but give the local big guns, aka realtors in Bangor ME, a shout-out to check your bright options market-wise!

The local economy in Bangor, Maine, is delivering the goods! 

Competitive is the word best describing Bangor’s housing market and local economy. Take this at face value from the very best realtors in Bangor ME! Still, let’s consider the telling stats to support this verdict! First, the unemployment rate in Bangor (about five percent) is significantly lower than the national average (six percent) as of late 2021. However, future job growth is predicted to lag behind the US average in the next ten years slightly. A Bangor resident earned about $24,000 the last year, while the average Joe’s salary was $28,500. Likewise, the median household income in Bangor was slightly less than the US median.

The good news is that the cost of living in Bangor, ME, is radically lower than the American average by approximately 17 percent and by three percent than the Maine median! 

Bangor’s economy excels in fresh and healthy produce in the state’s best markets. Being part of the Bangor Metropolitan Area, our lovely city became a transportation hub and media center. Among the top employers and industries, you’ll find the following. The Bangor Savings Banks represent finances. Then, the nationally renowned Northern Light Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, and Acadia Hospital represent the healthcare industry. Did you know that Bangor boasts top-notch educational facilities? You can pursue a professional career at the University of Maine, Eastern Maine Community College, or Husson University. However, Bangor is also an important food manufacturing center represented by Sisters Salsa and Frito-Lay.

For additional information and a quick update on the regional economy and job market, it would be best to reach out to expert local real estate agents in Bangor ME!

Why you shouldn’t postpone moving to Bangor, Maine

Bangor is Penobscot County’s county seat. Its total area is 34.59 square miles. In 2022, the place counted about 32,400 residents. 

Experienced local real estate agents in Bangor ME, proudly report that their beloved town obtained an exceptionally high livability score. Locals and newcomers are satisfied with the quality of life here, featuring the least expensive homes in the area. Accomplished local realtors in Bangor ME can 100 percent back up this fact! Besides, residents praise the abundance of colorful outdoor activities and access to a reliable education. Thirdly, you won’t have to spend all your resources on essentials as the cost of living is pretty low. Then, the crime rates in Bangor are also moderate to low. It all adds up to a safe and family-friendly community. On the downside, locals criticize the meager job growth and the harsh winters. Also, The Queen City draws more retirees and families than aspiring young professionals. 

The place caters to many interests. For instance, you can visit the Sidewalk Art Festival in downtown Bangor if you’re an art lover. Extreme sports fanatics can enjoy riding sports mobiles on more than 10,000 miles of trails around Maine. Additionally, the Atlantic Ocean is only half an hour’s drive away from Bangor. Would you surrender to seafood specialties? Then, this town will be the ultimate paradise for you, with plenty of fresh lobsters and other succulent seafood nowhere else to be found! If you’re still in doubt, it will help to sync up with proficient local real estate agents in Bangor, Maine!

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