How Much Does A House Cost In Bangor Maine?

Definition of "How much does a house cost in Bangor Maine?"

You can find the incredible city of Bangor, Maine, situated in Penobscot County! The third most populous city in Maine, behind Portland and Lewiston, has recently gained much attention due to its unique economic opportunities and affordable housing options. By all means, the fact that Bangor scored above the average livability ratings among its residents certainly helped the place rise to stardom.

Reach out to friendly Bangor realtors!

The city is one of the trendiest tourist attractions in Maine, and many young professionals and families have also chosen to relocate to the region for the above reasons.

Are you interested in Bangor’s secret? Then why don’t you give expert local real estate agents in Bangor Maine, a shout-out? They can let you in the countless perks of moving to their wonderful city. And they will guide you through the home buying process, which will become an exciting adventure with these professional agents! 

Explore the thriving housing market trends in Bangor, Maine!

Market analysts disclosed that Bangor was one of the unsung heroes, meaning cities where the real estate market boomed during the pandemic. The real estate market trends in Bangor reported in the last three years clearly show that demand for homes rose spectacularly regionally. And with that, home prices also soared. 

It was this period when home sale prices rose above $200,000, reaching the highest amount of $230,000 in July 2021. Since then, the Bangor housing market has experienced a steady increase in demand and prices with minor bumps in the road. In short, past housing trends indicate that prices are expected to grow slowly but surely in the region.

How much does real estate cost nowadays?

As of June 2022, the median home sale price in Bangor, ME, was approximately $240,000. Prices have been up by about fourteen percent since 2021. Still, Bangor real estate prices are about sixteen percent lower than the Maine median.

How to invest smartly in Bangor, Maine?

The best realtors in Bangor informed us that the local housing market is moderately competitive. 

News for homebuyers in Bangor

That is excellent news for homebuyers wishing to settle in the pearl of Maine. In addition, agents don’t expect an abrupt downturn in prices soon. And they recommend you keep an eye on the not-so-optimistic real estate predictions for 2022! Consequently, you might want to consider purchasing a Bangor property seriously, as they’re still available on a budget. 

Advice for home sellers in Bangor

On the other side, home sellers can obtain substantial revenues (or a significant return on investment) if they choose to sell their real estate during this particular period of the year. Though, prices are prone to increase slightly higher. They also must know that homes stay on the market for eighteen days on average in 2022 as opposed to five days registered last year. Furthermore, hot homes sell sooner and receive multiple offers. As a result, the chances are that these sell for two to nine percent above the original list price.

Rentals in Bangor, Maine

Renting a unit in Bangor with first-class amenities is another option. Properties for rent in Bangor are three percent more affordable than the Maine average. 

If you wish to settle in a rental with one bedroom in downtown Bangor, you will have to pay about $800. On the other hand, you might want a more spacious place for you and your family. Then, the rent for an apartment with three bedrooms will cost you $1,300 in the city center. 

Outside the city center, you will find less expensive real estate to rent. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $700, while a three-bedroom unit costs $1,100.


Bangor features many unique economic opportunities and low-cost housing options. Many think of our beloved city as an up-and-coming hidden gem real estate-wise with promising potential. Whether you are considering buying a home or renting an apartment, Bangor will provide plenty to choose from. Don’t postpone getting in touch with realtors in Bangor; you might miss the opportunity of a lifetime!

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