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If you’re looking for Eagle Idaho real estate agents, you probably know already about the wonders of this little town. But let us talk a bit more about the Eagle real estate market so you grow increasingly in love with this town.

With a population under 20,000 habitants, Eagle is known as “the quiet side of Boise”, but differently from other near-by cities, has several fine dining upscale options without losing the simple down to earth appeal. So, most of the times, you don’t even have to go to Boise for a dinner-date.

School districts in Eagle, Idaho? Stellar! You have so many options, from public schools to charter schools, that a lot of families from Boise send their kids to school there.

Love Golf? You have two great courses within city limits. In fact, to understand the Eagle real estate market you have to take a look at its abundant offering of public parks. Homeowners usually think about building their house around sites like Arboretum Park. Friendship Park, Orval Krassen Park, Merril Park, Gueber Park and Eagle Island State Park. And yes, you read it right: building their homes.

What’s most exciting about Eagle Idaho is the fact that this community has so many space to build and a low inventory of properties available, that it makes the most sense to build your custom home. We are talking about a community in current development; the combination of those factors with a booming economy like Idaho is a rare one, so pick your favorite Eagle Idaho real estate agents and get that land and build that custom home of yours!


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