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Did you ever believe there’s no such place as a genuine Wonder Land on Earth? Then, we have news for you! Let us introduce you to a tiny but lovely city of 10.41 square miles that benefits immensely from breathtaking surroundings, namely the Great Smoky Mountains! In addition, the town also provides the highest quality entertainment! Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has been known as a great vacation spot. You can escape the stress and anxiety of modern-day existence and experience a taste of ultimate recreation. Albeit, why would you give up on this feeling when you can move to Gatlinburg permanently? Ask any top local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN! They’ll quickly brief you that this is more than a great vacation spot; it’s a great place to live, period! Suppose you find the idea of moving to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, growing on you. In that case, it would help if you contacted the best local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN! The fantastic realtors in Gatlinburg Tennessee, will provide you with many reasons to choose their beloved city. Gatlinburg is home to a booming housing market. Besides, it has one of the state’s highest real estate turnover rates! By contacting professional local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN, listed on this page, you can find out more about exciting investment opportunities. If you fancy an affordable home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you have come to the right place! Realtors in Gatlinburg TN are eager to share you with the most up-to-date listings on single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and co-op residences for you to purchase! Rentals in Gatlinburg are also available! You can rent a home or apartment on a budget close to the action or in a more secluded area far from the tourist attractions. All you have to do is reach out to skilled realtors in Gatlinburg TN! They can fix you up with the best properties to rent that are also endowed with fantastic amenities! Test the efficiency of these expert local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN, and you won’t be disappointed!
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If you’re considering selling your home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you might want to explore your options from several perspectives. Before bringing a rushed decision, call licensed realtors in Gatlinburg TN! They will reveal your selling options by resorting to real estate comps in the neighborhood. Furthermore, they will undertake the lion’s share of the work that complex home selling in Gatlinburg entails by listing, marketing, and showing your property. In other words, you don’t have to do anything but be present on the closing day and receive the most favorable revenue. Remember, working with top-tier local real estate agents In Gatlinburg TN, is synonymous with pragmatism, proficiency, and high returns!

Buying and selling land - the real estate market in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Undoubtedly, there’s a substantial price home buyers will have to pay to enjoy this enchanting place. As of June 2022, the median home sale price in the Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains was $663,000, marking a fifteen percent increase since 2021. Proficient local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN reported that local market trends have been subject to many fluctuations during the last three years. Home prices reached their all-time high in October 2021, at approximately $900,000. Ever since, home costs have stabilized, opening the door to new investors with a more modest budget. 

Gatlinburg properties are pricier by about 14 percent than the Tennesse average. Simultaneously, you can rent a unit in Gatlinburg at the same price as the state average.

Professional realtors in Gatlinburg TN also recorded that properties stay on the market for 54 days on average as opposed to last year’s 48 days. Therefore, the mid-year period in 2022 might not be ideal for selling a home fast in Gatlinburg. In addition, real estate rarely sells above the list price. We conclude that the local housing market is not particularly competitive, giving home purchasers an advantage.

Explore the local economy in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

The trendy mountain resort town in Sevier County and part of the Sevierville Metro Area counted 3,700 residents in 2022. Though small in size, the local economy managed to produce impressive numbers. Most notably, the unemployment rate in Gatlinburg (about five percent) is much lower than the US average of six percent. Unemployment is expected to go lower because job growth is on the rise. At the end of last year, analysts reported a two percent short-term job growth. Moreover, future employment will be even more praiseworthy, reaching approximately 44 percent, as opposed to the 33.5 percent US average! 

Another excellent news is that the cost of living in Gatlinburg is 14 percent more affordable than the American average. On the downside, the median individual salary and household income are slightly lower than the national median values. Before moving to Gatlinburg, you must also know that the local sales tax rate (9.8 percent) is higher than the US average (7.3 percent.) However, the income tax rate is nonexistent here!

Is there any other industry in Gatlinburg besides tourism? Being at the immediate entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park certainly helps. Residents in Gatlinburg cater to tourists’ needs, for instance, in manufacturing goods, customer service, accommodation, hotels, etc. Then, retail trade, healthcare, construction, and social assistance are dominant industries in the area. Contact experienced realtors in Gatlinburg TN to get an accurate update on the region’s economic prospects and the job market!

You don’t know what recreation means until you explore Gatlinburg!

We feel people don't talk enough about this region's countless beauties. 

This is indeed one of the most marvelous regions in the United States. Even a short visit will make that abundantly clear! Gatlinburg's immediate surroundings feature majestic wooded hills stretching as far as the eye can see in every direction. This natural paradise and the Great Outdoors is something the local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN, take immense pleasure and pride on!

Explore Anakeesta Mountain on the gondola that'll take you straight to the top! Walking across the longest Skybridge in America will get your adrenaline pumped up. Did you know that you can take the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tram, one of the most incredible family-friendly activities in the area? Fun times don't stop here, though! Take ziplining trips to the Smokey Mountains and explore the region from the bird's eye. Discovering the local nationally renowned celebrity called Great Smoky Mountains National Park will linger on in your memories for the rest of your life! You can go rafting, hiking, fishing, biking, and horseback riding! 

The town also provides plenty of must-see attractions and events throughout the year. Participate in the Wine and Moonshine Walking Tour, the Gatlinburg Ghost Tour, etc.! Still, the two favorite spots of trustworthy local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN, are Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies and Gatlinburg Space Needle. 

Whys is moving to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, worth your while?

Besides enjoying the incomparable natural landscapes, living in Gatlinburg isn't the worst experience, either. Moving to the Great Smoky presupposes hooking you up with an affordable home. Established local real estate agents in Gatlinburg TN can guide you through your entire relocation period. 

Locals rated the place above average on the livability score, emphasizing its family-friendly atmosphere and solid sense of community. Residents feel financially safe since the economy is thriving, and the cost of living leaves breathing room for future plans. 

However, the crime rates in Gatlinburg are slightly above the Tennessee average. Additionally, you might rarely get exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and super hot summers.

Any of your eventual doubts will dissipate once you behold the jaw-dropping environment next to Gatlinburg. By moving here, reasonable realtors in Gatlinburg TN will confirm that stress, hassle, and anxiety will become meaningless words.

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