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It’s a well-known fact that Virginia is one of the most exciting states regarding cultural and artistic events and quality outdoor recreation. Still, let us present a great (and independent) city that perfectly encapsulates the core essence of this beautiful state. Norfolk (population about 230,000 in 2023) excels in many departments. Thus, calling this gorgeous town the ideal relocation destination would be an understatement. If you ask experienced local real estate agents in Norfolk Virginia they can confirm that nothing beats its lovely beaches and surprisingly low cost of living. Moreover, expert local realtors in Norfolk VA will add that the housing market offers more than affordable options for any budget and requirements. Also, the local economy is in tip-top shape with countless perks you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, entertainment and arts venues are abundant. Let’s explore Norfolk Virginia as you’ve never seen before! Finding a budget-friendly home in Norfolk is a piece of cake! First, you contact the best local real estate agents in Norfolk VA! Then, you pick the one closest to your heart. It goes without saying professional local realtors in Norfolk VA will be there all the way through. Therefore, you’ll get all the information about buying a home in Norfolk. You can select from various properties for sale, for instance, luxury houses, single or multi-family residences, and apartments on a budget (equipped with the best amenities.) Reach out to top-tier local real estate agents in Norfolk VA to benefit from their knowledge and experience that covers every step of house hunting and buying a home in Norfolk!
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Suppose you don’t plan an extended stay in the city. In that case, you’ll need a reasonably-priced rental unit downtown Norfolk or in the suburbs. Again, it would be best to get in touch with competent local realtors in Norfolk Virginia, who are updated daily about old and new rentals in Norfolk! 

Likewise, selling a home in Norfolk Virginia won’t pose any problems. You can forget about the hassle a property sale entails! Licensed local realtors in Norfolk VA act quickly. They will list your real estate for sale in a matter of seconds. Second, they will market your Norfolk property on the most effective online and offline platforms. Are you concerned about home appraisals, evaluations, staging, closing, and financial matters? With these excellent local realtors in Norfolk VA, you can say goodbye to all your troubles and stress! Working with them, you’ll see the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and efficiency in action! 

Discover how affordable the real estate market in Norfolk Virginia is!

We know real estate prices have gone through the roof throughout the States. To give you an estimate, the median home sale price in the US was about $407,000 as of April 2023. However, you’d be surprised to learn how affordable homes in Norfolok still are! Skilled local real estate agents in Norfolk Virginia reported that the median property sale price was approximately $283,000 in the same period. Median property prices never crossed the $300,000 threshold during the last three years, making it an excellent relocation destination for families and single careerists on a budget.

No wonder that the Norfolk housing market is highly competitive. Buyers literally “swarm’ the market looking for cheap accommodation in town. However, the housing supply is relatively short and can’t meet the high demand. For this reason, on average, assets sell quickly in 22 days. The average property sells for about the list price. Only hot homes receive a higher bid. Pro-client local real estate agents in Norfolk VA recommend not to postpone buying a home in Norfolk!

Does the local economy in Norfolk Virginia live up to its hype?

Norfolk is economically located in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News Metropolitan Area, an up-and-coming region. The unemployment rate in Norfolk (7.3 percent) was moderately higher than the US average (six percent) in 2022. Don’t let this news discourage you from moving here. Both short- and long-term job market perspectives are utterly positive. In the next decade, the local job market in Norfolk will reach the levels of the American average. 

Furthermore, the cost of living in Norfolk VA is substantially lower than the US median by about eight percent. Simultaneously, it’s about seven percent pricier than the Virginia average. 

Which are the most essential industries in Norfolk Virginia?

Norfolk occupies a strategically vital part of Virginia. Our beautiful city has become a cultural and commercial hub. Did you know that Norfolk is an essential trade artery for exporting and importing goods in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-West?

Moreover, the town functions as a military center for the Navy at the world’s largest naval installation, Naval Station Norfolk. The venue is located on Sewell’s Point Penisula and serves as headquarters for the US Fleet Forces Command. More than 60,000 personnel is on active duty. Suppose you ask local real estate agents in Norfolk VA about the leading industries in the town. In that case, they will inform you that shipbuilding and repair are one of the city’s most significant revenue sources. Also, cargo ports constitute a vital part of Norfolk’s industry. 

Suppose you wish to find employment in the following sectors: insurance, advanced manufacturing, maritime transportation, IT, business, and professional services. Then, you can bet on Norfolk because it will deliver your dream job!

Local realtors in Norfolk Virginia will also tell you that the region’s top employers are as follows: Sentara Healthcare, Pra Group Careers, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dominion Enterprises, and Titan America. Due to Norfolk’s endless potential, more nationally renowned businesses will establish regional headquarters here. So, why don’t you try and apply to one of them?

Living in Norfolk Virginia is a genuine blessing!

Many newcomers have turned to local real estate agents in Norfolk VA for answers. “Is moving to Norfolk worth my while?” By all means, the answer is a resounding yes. The pros of living in Norfolk undoubtedly outweigh the disadvantages. First, Norfolk’s housing market provides affordable homes to buy or rent. Second, the local economic potential is promising. The cost of living is inexpensive, and the job market in Norfolk is thriving. The local community welcomes new residents with open arms. 

Norfolk Virginia is also ideal for families. Schools in Norfolk (34 elementary, nine middle, and five high schools) obtained an above-the-average ranking. Expert local realtors in Norfolk VA will recommend The Academy For Discovery At Lakewood and Ghent School as the top facilities providing students with an excellent education. High school graduates can choose from two exceptional universities, Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University! 

Recreation and the art life in Norfolk Virginia are top-notch!

Norfolk is famous for its beautiful beaches (check out Community Beach Park and Sarah Constant Beach Park!) and its unique recreational facilities. Established local real estate agents in Norfolk VA advise visiting the family-friendly Nauticus (a one-of-a-kind discovery center,) Virginia Zoo, and Norfolk Botanical Garden. Arts and theater lovers will also find plenty to sink their teeth into. The Wells Theater and Virginia Stage Company deliver high-quality entertainment and universally praised shows.

On the downside, living in Norfolk implies dealing with cold winters and humid summers. Unfortunately, the local crime rate is slightly higher than the Virginia average. As a solution, the most reliable local realtors in Norfolk VA will recommend the safest neighborhoods in the city, such as Ghent, downtown, and Edgewater-Larchmont. And last, newcomers might be taken aback by regular traffic congestion. 

All in all, moving to Norfolk should be a no-brainer. If you have doubts about thriving in this fantastic city, contact professional local real estate agents in Norfolk Virginia! They will help you make the best decision of your life!

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