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Are you thinking of relocating to Spokane, Washington? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The city of Spokane, Washington has had a rich history with both industrial and technological growth. Finding a place to live in the city with the help of real estate agents in Spokane WA will be easy. Going through the entire real estate transaction process on your own would occupy too much of your time, time that would be better spent exploring the city with your family. You probably already know the basics about this town but realtors in Spokane WA would be pleased to fill in the gaps. First of all, the city of Spokane, Washington, is located in and is the county seat of Spokane County. It’s the second-largest city in Washington state, with over 222,000 residents living here currently. While the population growth doesn’t surpass the rate registered in the mid-1900s, it is still growing and has done so for the past five decades. The influx of population is in part due to the large number of young couples that moved here, settled down, and started a family. Another factor, as real estate agents in Spokane WA, know, is the affordability of the city that attracts many retirees. What realtors in Spokane WA consider the leading influencer of population growth is the Fairchild Air Force Base that transformed the city into the home of thousands of military families. All of these factors, however, keep the median population age around 36. If you already decided to relocate to Lilac City, the city’s official nickname, go ahead and contact some of the best local real estate agents in Spokane WA. You can find them below with their contact information available. If your interest was sparked, but you want to know more about the city, read on below for information regarding the cost, expenses, and incomes to expect from living in Spokane.
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As we mentioned above, the city’s nickname is Lilac City. The story behind it relates to a flowering shrub that flourished since it was first introduced to the area. Top realtors in Spokane WA will help your family flourish as well by pinpointing the exact home that fits your lifestyle. Let’s see what Spokane has to offer in that regard.

Housing Market in Spokane, Washington

The city’s neighborhoods cover a wide range of architectural styles that helps real estate agents in Spokane WA find the exact match for any family. Whether you like Victorian-style, that can be found in South Hill and Browne’s Addition all the way to Davenport District or more contemporary homes in the city’s north, hiring realtors in Spokane WA will ensure that you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the city’s neighborhoods are drawing attention to themselves through their history, which can also be seen in the buildings and throughout the areas architecture. With many buildings having burnt in the Great Fire of 1889, the Romanesque Revival style revived the city’s Riverside and downtown areas from their ashes. Because of this and the diverse architectural styles that can be found across the city, housing prices vary in Spokane, Washington.


While the median home value in the city is $300,000. The downtown area’s prices are at a median of $415,000 which is to be expected from a historical district, but further north prices drop towards $250,000. To the south, the median home price is also lower stopping at around $275,000. This is why working with real estate agents in Spokane WA can make a difference in your expenses. Some of the best realtors in Spokane WA are on top of the latest market trends and know the neighborhoods by lifestyle, amenities, and so on. Someone who hasn’t lived in the city can not know all of these and some advice from real estate agents in Spokane WA is always useful.

Job Market in Spokane, Washington

The city of Spokane, Washington has a vast economic history that evolved at the same rate as industries and technologies developed. From the early beginnings of the city, the mining, logging, and agriculture industries provided a lot of economic activity in the area. The discovery of gold and silver in the Inland Northwest in the late 19th century transformed the city into a trading post for furs, agriculture, and precious metals. With the decline of the mining industry during the 20th century, farming and logging became the primary influencers of the economy and the city maintained its role as a trade center to this day.


Realtors in Spokane WA are aware of how the job market has developed over the last few decades. While wood and food processing remain major contributors to the city’s economy, other industries managed to creep their way into the city’s economy. Some of these are printing, publishing, electrical and computer equipment manufacturing, primary metal refining and fabrication, and transportation manufacturing are some of the leading industries in Spokane, Washington.


With several Fortune 1000 companies like Potlatch and Itron, as well as Fortune 500’s Avista Utilities, Spokane’s private sectors continue to grow and sustain a large portion of the city’s workforce. With a median household income of $50,000 and affordability, Spokane is attracting more and more people that want to live close to mountains and rivers that provide a plethora of outdoor activities.

Living in Spokane, Washington

This scenic destination amidst spectacular natural sights is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts that like to experience nature in its most unaltered form. Real estate agents in Spokane WA promote the authentic inland’s Northwest culture that can be found everywhere in this vibrant city. The Riverfront Park as well as the many others that can be found within the city’s limits, give residents fishing, gondola rides, and Instagram-worthy experiences all year round. The Centennial Trail offers 37 miles of paved trail stretched between Washington and Idaho, up to the Nine Mile Falls. The Spokane River borders the trail with both rural and urban landscapes and various outdoor activities that can be enjoyed at the residents’ disposal as it is completely car, pollution, and noise-free. Just contact the local realtors in Spokane WA from the list above and the first step will already be taken.

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