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Cities near Tucson AZ, covered by our real estate professionals


The city of Tucson is the wild card of Arizona and a trendy tourist destination. Located in Pima County, Tucson, often referred to as “The Valley”, turned into an educational center with the foundation of the University of Arizona. In addition, Tucson also serves as a beloved stage for visual and performing arts. As a result, artistic and scientific endeavors thrive in the city, pulsing with a multicultural heritage displaying Native Indian and Mexican items. Ask about local cultural traits from real estate agents in Tucson AZ!

The beauty of the town is on par with the breathtaking landscapes offering shooting locations for movies. The Saguaro National Park, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum are just a couple of landmark tourist attractions showcasing vividly colorful flora and wildlife. The most impressive plant is the Saguaro, a giant tree-like cactus, by all means. The Saguaro has since turned into a true emblem not only of the city but the wild west too. For this reason, the city of Tucson outlined the preservation and development of the desert area and other green spaces. They come with the highest recommendations from the local realtors in Tucson AZ!


Let's look back on Tucson's history; we discover many savage acts, such as stagecoach and bank robberies. There were instances of Native American tribes trying to defend their territories and attacked the Tucsonian military outpost. Such emblematic figures made an appearance here as Wyatt Earp, legendary lawman, and John Dillinger, the feared gangster. The city successfully managed to overcome these obstacles and stepped on the path of metropolitan progress. Real estate agents in Tucson AZ will provide you with interesting historical tidbits about the place.


Moreover, many great firms have found a sure footing and promising workforce in Tucson. The city boasts an exceptional school system, it encourages free entrepreneurship. Subsequently, Tucson has built up a thriving job market, and cost-effective housing market. A combination of modern-day land of plenty and past frontier spirit, the town means a second chance for newcomers. Turn now to a realtor in Tucson AZ, to provide you with a first-class economic presentation of the city!

Worthy tourist destinations in Tucson

Many consider the town truly blessed because of its mesmerizing scenery. The surroundings of the city display natural beauty and rich wildlife. Most notably, we recommend visiting the unique Desert Museum hosting a botanical garden, zoo, natural history museum, aviaries, and two art galleries. Not far away, you can hike at the Saguaro National Park, a vast and mind-blowing desert environment showcasing the emblem of the wild west, the Saguaro giant cactus. Watch the sunset from the Santa Catalina Mountains surrounding Tucson, which lend a genuinely western atmosphere to the place. Moving into the city, travelers will find popular events regardless of the season, for instance, the Tucsonian Rodeo Parade, the Tucson Festival of Books, film festivals to name a few. The University of Arizona in Tucson will serve you with top-quality tourist attractions. The campus hosts venues specially designed for art exhibitions, state history departments, also science to sports facilities. One can swim in the Campus Rec pool or pay a visit to the Jim Click Hall of Champions museum. The Pima Air and Space Museum offers an excellent source of entertainment and general knowledge displaying more than 400 aircraft and spacecraft. Also, witness how different cultures get along perfectly with Mexican restaurants and the Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park displaying Native American historical and contemporary items.

The varied job market in Tucson

Under favorable economic conditions, the job market in Tucson expands at a rapid pace. The largest employers on the Tucson job market are the University of Arizona, military contractor Raytheon, and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Furthermore, the US Army Intelligence Center (Fort Huachuca) is also present and significantly contributed to the development of high-tech industries in the area. The Pacific Railroad’s Sunset Route created a transportation hub in Tucson, which links the country’s important regions. There are important optics and optoelectronics system representatives present in the Old Pueblo. And let’s not forget tourism either! The city highlights the principle of hospitality and a pro-tourist attitude above others. As a result, Tucson hosts many family-friendly resorts, hotels and organizes many luring events for travelers. The city provides new and full-fledged artists with vast opportunities for creative self-realization and exhibitions. In short, Tucson will always welcome a talented and innovative workforce offering promising chances to prove oneself in virtually any domain. Real estate agents in Tucson AZ know the drill, and they can provide you with assistance on the job market.

Moving to Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a progressive city in Arizona, with a six percent lower average cost of living than the national standard and 5 percent more affordable than the state average. Don’t hesitate now! Housing options are few because Tucson turned into a seller’s market. The decision of whether to relocate to Tucson should not be difficult. In recent years, the Old Pueblo has proven itself as a dynamically developing city with a thriving job market, remarkably affordable housing market with budget-friendly costs of living, including healthcare system, utilities, and transportations costs. In short, due to low average expenditures for a family, Tucson might just be an ideal place with lots of potential to live. 

Why choose Tucson, Arizona?

People’s most recurrent reasons to move to Tucson are the renowned cuisine, warm climate, sunny skies, and a most welcome green winter. Furthermore, a newcomer will not find the costs of living high. There is a variety of family-friendly inner and outer city activities. Most of all, you don't have to pay a tax on social security benefits. Tucson is a popular place to relocate and retire in Arizona. And let's not forget, there is low air and light pollution. When in doubt, turn to the top realtors in Tucson AZ, and they will convince you why to choose the Old Pueblo over any other city!

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The “Old Pueblo” or “Sunshine Factory” are the two most commonly known nicknames of Tucson, AZ. The metropolitan area has the second-largest population in Arizona, with approximately 993,000 residents (2021 statistics).  ...

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