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Many families choose to move to Tucson, AZ for a variety of reasons. Some want to get away from the colder northern climate or just want an area where you don't have to deal with natural disasters while enjoying a year-round summer. Others may want a lower cost of living with a high quality of life. There are those who only migrate to Tucson during the winter months and go back once spring or summer comes around. Seeing as it's a college town there are also many students who rent here during, and even after, their studies or military personnel who are relocated to serve at the military base in Tucson, AZ.

For whichever reason you find yourself in this Sonoran Desert flower with great things to do, one thing that you will inquire about is safety. In this regard, the city of Tucson, AZ might not be among the safest cities in the nation, but there are some layers to it.

Why is safety an issue?

When you look at Arizona as a whole you will see higher crime rates than the rest of the country. As a part of Arizona, Tucson is dealing with the same situation. However, unlike other large cities in America, Tucson feels safer.

Despite its crime rate, Tucson isn't a violent city. There are areas that are better to avoid while others are safer than other cities. South Tucson and the southwestern parts of the city have higher crime rates, while north towards the Carolina Hills and northeastern areas are safer. The reason for this is lifestyle differences in those areas and the one big problem in Tucson which is drugs.

Why isn't safety an issue?

This is most important as, whether it's violent crime or property crime, any kind of crime is Tucson isn't generally random. This means that if you don't get involved in criminal activities it is unlikely that you would fall victim of a crime. Be it violent or property crime, there usually is a reason behind it, and keeping away from those reasons can keep you safe and can make Tucson a good place to live.

Talking to real estate agents in Tucson AZ can provide you with the information you seek as well, and if you need any other further information feel free to get in touch with us.


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