Bailee's Customers Insurance

Definition of "Bailee's customers insurance"

Bill J. Deligiannis real estate agent
Bill J. Deligiannis, Real Estate Agent Charles Rutenberg Realty

Coverage for legal liability resulting from damage or destruction of the bailor's property while under the bailee's temporary care, custody, and control. Includes property on or in transit to and from the bailee's premises. Perils covered include fire, lightning, theft, burglary, robbery, windstorm, explosion, collision, flood, sprinkler leakage, earthquake, strike, and damage or destruction in the course of transportation by a common carrier. The insurance is in effect when the bailee issues a receipt to the bailor for the item. Coverage excludes property belonging to the insured bailee and loss due to vermin and insects. For example, a suit to be cleaned is under the temporary control of the bailee (cleaner). The bailor (owner) expects the suit to be returned in good condition. If the suit is stolen from the cleaner, the insurance would cover the loss.


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