Naic: Model Asset Valuation Act National Association Of Insurance Commissioners

Definition of "Naic: model asset valuation act national association of insurance commissioners"

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Model state law providing guidelines by regulators for valuation of securities on the books of insurance companies. The act has two sections: one for valuation of fixed rate bonds and debt securities, and the other covering valuation of other securities such as common and preferred stocks as well as stock in an insurance company's subsidiaries. The model law provides that bonds be valued at cost, adjusted for any purchase discounts or premiums. Preferred and guaranteed stocks while paying dividends can be carried at par value, while other securities such as common stocks are carried at market or appraised value. Valuation of stock in subsidiaries is limited by the law to no more than the value of the subsidiary's ADMITTED ASSETS when valued as if they were on the books of the insurance company parent.


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