Simplified Commercial Lines Portfolio Policy (SCLP)

Definition of "Simplified commercial lines portfolio policy (SCLP)"

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Policy that provides coverage through four parts:

  1. Commercial property coverage is provided under the BUILDING AND PERSONAL PROPERTY COVERAGE FORM (BPPCF), divided into three major categories: owned buildings, owned business personal property, and non owned business personal property.
  2. Crime coverage is provided under the commercial crime program, which includes the following coverages: forgery; theft, disappearance, and destruction; employee dishonesty; safe robbery and burglary; burglary of the premises; computer fraud; extortion; and liability for the property of guests.
  3. Boiler and machinery coverage is provided according to four items of classification: electrical, turbine, mechanical, and pressure and refrigeration. Property covered in these four groups is that which is owned by the insured or is under the care, custody, or control of the insured.
  4. Liability coverage is provided for general liability, products and completed operations liability, medical payments, advertising and personal liability, and fire legal liability. Each of these categories has a separate limit of liability that is applicable. However, an annual AGGREGATE LIMIT of liability is applicable to the total of these categories except for the products and completed operations liability, which has a separate annual aggregate limit.

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