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The term acknowledgement refers to an act, deed, declaration, or an expression of appreciation, but it also refers to accepting or recognizing something. The definition of acknowledgement, in general, is a form of recognizing something. The term can be used in various formal and informal ways, but the meaning of acknowledgement stands for the act of recognition in a form or another.

Acknowledgement in Real Estate

A real estate acknowledgment is used for a declaration or avowal that authenticates legal instruments, documents, acts, or deeds, giving them validity. It is done in front of a public official or public notary. An acknowledgment ensures that the act in question will be recognized legally. It can be a written section at the end of a document where the individual has to sign. By signing, they enact the acknowledgement that the information specified is read, considered real, correct, and legal. The notary is a witness to the signing of the act and signs it themselves. An acknowledgement can be done in writing or verbal but always in the presence of someone of authority to validate it.

An acknowledgment that authenticated documents, acts or deeds that specify false can be used in court as false testimony.

For example, a seller makes an acknowledgement in front of a notary that the seller disclosure is correct and the home has an insolation of 8 inches. Upon verification, the insolation is of just one inch. Because of this, the seller can be sued for false testimony. 

Acknowledgement in Writing

An acknowledgment can also be used in literature or other formal or informal means of communication.

In literature, it appears as a statement at the beginning of a book. An author expresses their gratitude to others that helped the writing process, the book’s publication, or only by providing the author with the means or inspiration to work—often seen as a show of respect, giving thanks and appreciation to others.

Acknowledgements can also be transmitted through letters or e-mails to notify that you received a letter, message, or something else from someone.


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