Definition of "Baseboard"

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Wondering what is the baseboard definition?

Baseboard is a detail piece placed at the spot where the floor meets the wall. Typically made out of wood, vinyl or PVC plastic, the baseboard has the aesthetical function of covering the void between the wall surface and the floor but also the practical function of preventing dust and other particles from accumulating, and even avoiding that a passerby gets hurt from accidentally kicking or scraping it.

Because of its undeniable role, it became hard to build homes without using baseboards, so homeowners included the decorative function to the baseboard definition. It became common to think of it as part of the home design, adding patterns or contrasting colors and material in relation to the flooring or the wall.

Baseboards are applied after the floor is completely installed, usually by nailing, screwing or even gluing with an adhesive tape. Baseboards rarely require maintenance - but that's until a flood hits your house. Then, chances are it rots the whole thing and you need to fully replace it. But you know better, you've informed yourself, so you have flood insurance and they'll pay for that. Right? Right?

Sometimes baseboards have a large intersection from which springs the house’s heating system. Called baseboard heater, they usually are electrical and homeowners love it because they are very discreet.


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