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When you hear someone in Real Estate saying there’s going to be a boring test, they don’t mean a dull exam is coming up.

Boring test refers to a geological test applied to the soil in order to understand the lithology of the ground and determine how much weight that soil can take with or without the aid of any additional footings, piers or other support structures and what sort of materials are the best for these structures involved on whatever engineering will be done at that very soil.

Additionally, the boring test can determine the permeability of the soil, and discover or monitor leakage from underground storage tanks.

The boring test is done through the drilling of a hole (or a tunnel, or a well) in the earth that allows the engineer to examine bore samples of the subterranean strata and it’s fundamental process when building the dwelling foundation. Failing to do the proper boring test will increase the chances of the house falling into an artificial sinkhole.

Although very rare, there are some home inspections that end up requiring a boring test, so, when selecting a home inspector, it’s interesting to choose one that knows how to do it so you don’t have to spend more hiring another one.


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