Definition of "Botel"

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Beth Ann Muehling PLLC, Real Estate Agent Xena Vallone Realty Inc

What is a botel?, you ask.

You know hotels, right? And the marketing denomination of them to motorists; the "motel”.

Well, the best botel definition is “hotel for boats”. Yup. It’s kind of silly, right? But it is what it is.

Botel is how it’s been called the service of guest accommodations offered by some marinas to mariners all over America. A botel (sometimes called “Boatel”) will feature facilities designed for boats, like gasoline pumps, docks and marine gadgets.

Increasingly, however, people have been using this “botel” definition when referring to one single ship that serves as accommodation for travelers, like a novelty hotel. It’s a new trend that’s been picking up steam – especially with airbnb renting and privately owned yachts - with purpose-built or converted watercraft ships, big or small, that are permanently moored or spend part of the time taking guests on tour - in a way, a cruise ship can be referred to as a boatel, because you use it as hotel aside from its use of transportation.


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