What Is The Median Home Prices In Bowie MD?

Answer for "What is the median home prices in Bowie MD?"

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The city of Bowie, Maryland is today the largest municipality in Prince George’s County and it all started with a small railroad stop. With a population of about  60,000 people, Bowie is the third-largest city in the state of Maryland. The city was also noted when CNN Money ranked it amongst the best places to live back in 2014.

The city kept its standard way up high and they continued to grow ever since. In a safe city such as Bowie, MD the residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle away from the crowded metropolitan areas. As far as the costs of living in Bowie, MD, the prices are quite high, and you should be prepared for the expensive lifestyle. After all, a city with high living standards comes at a price and that standards are maintained with money coming from your pocket if you want to live in a good place like Bowie.

Since we have mentioned the high costs of living, you probably already know that the biggest expense is housing. At the moment the median home value in Bowie MD stands at around $370,000 according to Zillow and the median list price per square foot is about $180. More than 50% of homes listed for sale are situated between the price range of $300,000 to $500,000.

Also, the average rent price is about $1,800 in Bowie and it has increased by about 4% over the last year. Home prices in Bowie tend to maintain their value quite well and with the help of top real estate agents in Bowie MD you will be able to get some pretty sweet deals.


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