Cooperating Broker

Definition of "Cooperating broker"

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Broker whom, acting as an agent of the listing broker, procures a buyer.

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Comments for Cooperating Broker

Charline Charline said:

What is the definition of a cooperating broker?

Dec 21, 2020  18:45:52

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Charline!

A cooperating broker finds a buyer for a property that was not listed by him. In this case, he acts as a non-listing third-party broker. This occurrence happens very frequently in the real estate industry when you hire a real estate agent or broker since it is in the broker’s interest to locate buyers for the property. The commission distribution from closing the transaction is agreed upon between the two brokers, the one listing the property and the cooperating broker.

Dec 24, 2020  08:19:58
Gretchen D Chatman Gretchen D Chatman said:

Who does a corporate broker represent?

Feb 16, 2020  16:07:16

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Gretchen! A corporate broker is not something common in the USA. It is a very UK specific role and outside of the UK it is an unfamiliar concept. Corporate brokers represent companies and their job mainly focuses on assessing market conditions, the demand for the company shares and market them to potential investors. They guarantee equity research coverage of the stock and have an advisory role in relationship with the management of the company if they want to raise capital or if the company needs a rescue rights issue.

Apr 09, 2020  12:46:15


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