Definition of "Employing broker"

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That licensed broker who employs a licensed real estate salesperson for renting and selling real estate. This broker must pay commissions to the real estate salesperson for real estate transactions.

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Comments for Employing Broker

Kraig Forbes Kraig Forbes said:

What is the difference between employing broker and managing broker?

Sep 09, 2020  18:15:24

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Kraig!

An employing broker is the person you come in contact with if you want to start working as a licensed real estate salesperson. It is mandatory for a real estate agent to have an employing broker listed on their application in order to receive an active license. An employing broker also has the responsibility of mentoring agents, holding the license of the agents, provide office space, collect commissions, and make payouts to agents. A managing broker is a person designated to represent the company in front of the Commission. In order to be the manager of the company, you need to have the Managing Broker Eligible on your license. Managing brokers are higher-level brokers tasked with managerial responsibility in a firm.

Sep 16, 2020  03:32:44


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