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The Graduate, REALTOR® Institute is a designation given to real estate agents who have completed the curriculum developed as an educational attainment program by the National Association of REALTOR® (NAR). The NAR developed the program and organized it across the country through the REALTOR® board of each state.


Those real estate professionals that earn the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation have a way to prove their utmost understanding of the real estate industry and every one of its nooks and crannies. Future clients or other members of the industry will know to expect the best quality of service from you as the GRI is considered the best designation in real estate across the country.

Getting a GRI

To be awarded the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute designation, it is necessary for a real estate professional to be a member of the local, state, and National Association of REALTOR®. Once a member of NAR, a REALTOR®, can acquire a GRI designation after they succeed in finishing the REALTOR® Institute course with at least 60 hours of coursework throughout a maximum of five years from the date they started it. The curriculum ensures extensive coverage of all the information required to become a real estate professional in the real estate industry. Some of the subjects explored are:

  • Market Knowledge - understanding the market, housing options, amenities, financing options, programs that support the home’s purchase, inspections, etc.
  • Business Skills - managing sellers and buyers, prospecting the market, finding your niche, the art of negotiation, developing a brand for your business, etc.
  • Systems and Tools - online presence, business website and affiliates, social media, marketing tools, IT knowledge (software and hardware) to better run your business.

Why get a GRI?

Certification as nationally recognized as the GRI will not only improve your business skills and further develop your real estate knowledge but can also dramatically increase your business. Once you choose your niche, your brand, your marketing strategy, and learn how to sell, not only properties but yourself as well, you will see an income boost. REALTORS® that earned the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute designation declared that they are better prepared to gain and retain the trust and satisfaction of their clients, which leads to an improved rating, feedback, and calls back from potential new clients. The best marketing technique, after all, is word-of-mouth, and that is when a client is so pleased by your services that they highly recommend you to their friends and family.

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