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When doing an Appraisal, the Appraiser has several methods to get to his/her Market Value evaluation and obtain a number regarding that property’s market value. The Income Approach is one of them.

The income approach is regularly used in the Commercial Real Estate Market. Here’s why:

Let’s say an appraiser was hired to evaluate a retail facility. If the appraisal only evaluates the building itself and similar properties in the region… it might not be sufficient. What if it’s the only retail store in that area? To get to a more effective appraisal, the appraiser has to also use the income approach and take into consideration the income that facility produces – and can still produce in the future - to its owner.

Some people also call it “capitalization approach” and one of the ways to assert it would be something like:

Market value = Expected annual income / Capitalization rate

For example:  a rental property is anticipated to generate future annual income of $50,000 and the capitalization rate is 8%. Then, market value = $50,000/.08 = $625,000.


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