Definition of "Racial steering"

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Directing a particular race to a certain neighborhood and away from others. An example is a real estate broker steering a black family away from a white neighborhood. This action is illegal

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Comments for Racial Steering

Jennifer Jennifer said:

Today, at work, I said, there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. My colleague said I could lose my license because I "steered". I did not. The family came into the model home with their child and I said, "There are a lot of kids in this neighborhood." Please help me clarify.

Apr 27, 2019  14:47:34

Real Estate Agent

Hi Jennifer, we know it must be very hard to pay so much attention to what you say to your prospective buyers, but if you are familiar with the Fair Housing Act, you know what kind of steering is considered illegal. You have to be careful when directing families with children towards a particular neighborhood or apartment within a building complex. Normally, stating that there are a lot of kids in a neighborhood should be inoffensive, but in real estate, benign comments such as this one are considered "steering". Let the home buyers do their research. 

May 01, 2019  03:56:41
Estella Estella said:

Selling a house and only one tpye of people are showed the house!

Aug 26, 2018  15:28:55

Real Estate Agent

That's preposterous! Aside from being just dumb, it's illegal!
Feel free to contact one of our Tom's River Real Estate Agents because they would never do that, Estella! 

Aug 27, 2018  11:01:25


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