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There’s a time when it’s neither a Buyer’s Market nor a Seller’s Market. We call it “Renter’s Market”.

It’s that time where, despite the supply and demand ratio of properties for sale, the overall economic conditions are not favorable for such a big investment like buying a house and the Real Estate Market shifts toward Rental.

Renters always represent a huge market. There are a lot of people in many professions who get transferred from place to place, so choosing rent is best for them. Additionally, a lot of people have been preferring to save money to travel and other types of entertainment, so they don’t have “owning a house” as a priority – especially the ones who don’t have a big family and don’t intend to. Not to mention Rent Control, which always provides certain gems…

However, the term Renter’s Market should only be used when, independently from all of that, it is economically more interesting - both to the tenant and the landlord - to rent than it is to buy or sell.


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Did you know there is a middle way between rent and buy/sell? It’s called Rent with Option to Buy
 and we have a blog explaining a little bit about the so-called Rent to own Properties. You should check it out!

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