Subsurface Easement

Definition of "Subsurface easement"

Ruth Hersh real estate agent
Ruth Hersh, Real Estate Agent EXIT Success Realty

Owner of land allowing another to use space under the ground, such as to install a sewer or gas line.


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Comments for Subsurface Easement

Lawrence M Lawson Lawrence M Lawson said:

In a subsurface easement can the grantors do what they want on the top of the land?

Oct 06, 2020  17:20:57

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Lawrence! A surface easement comes with an agreement that empowers another person or entity to use the land beneath the owned property. Depending on what they want to do beneath the land, this might require them to use the top of the land as well. For example, if they want to install a gas line, then digging is required and this would result in the use of top land. But, since there is an agreement stipulating the terms and conditions should be featured in the agreement.

Oct 12, 2020  08:14:08

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