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Definition of "Lot and block description"

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Method of referring to property which has been platted in a plat book in the public records. The lot and block is referenced by the number of the plat map and the lot and block within it. The plat map will give the boundaries of the properties contained within it as well as any existing easements.

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Comments for Lot And Block Description

Madelyn Madelyn said:

Where can I find the Lot and block description to my property?

Oct 28, 2018  23:19:02

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Madelyn
To find your lot and block description you need to find your property deed. To do that, you should head to your local county recorder or assessor's office where the land is located. Good luck!

Oct 30, 2018  15:36:42
Angela Michelotti Angela Michelotti said:

What does subdivision and lot and block on a notice to quit mean?

Aug 21, 2018  13:01:23

Real Estate Agent

Hey Angela,
Thanks for reaching out!

Hmm, difficult to say without knowing the whole context. A notice to quit is a document that Landlord serves Tenants to tell them they have X amount of days to leave the property without suffering eviction. So, we'd guess that the subdivision and lot and block on a notice to quit are just to describe the exact limits of the property one is being demanded to evacuate.

Hope we've helped!

Oct 05, 2018  11:34:24


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