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Did you know that USNews voted Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville to be the 7th top-ranked Florida school? At the same time, the College achieved the 77th position in the national rankings? This facility is a neat representative of the city’s first-rate public school system and higher learning institutions. As a result, the city’s population is well-educated, succeeding in a career of their choice. Ask real estate agents in Jacksonville FL for their professional opinion on the local educational system. And they will provide you with a list of the most esteemed local schools. 

Education opportunities in Jacksonville

Citizens, students, and scholars in the city of Jacksonville can apply to public and private institutions of education. The seven-member Duval County Public Schools Board supervises Jacksonville public primary and secondary schools. Thus, the institution administrates 172 schools, 103 elementary schools, 25 middle schools, 19 high schools. In addition, there are 13 charter schools. Officials enroll the underage youth found guilty of delinquency in juvenile justice school programs. Besides, undergraduates can enroll in 62 designated magnet schools.  

High schools in Jacksonville

The city offers renowned high schools for students. No wonder that Newsweek magazine regularly ranks the city’seducational facilities high


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on their top country’s schools lists. Let’s check out the three top-rated ones. Firstly, we have the Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts. Secondly, Paxon School for Advanced Studies excels in all domains. And lastly, Stanton College Preparatory School is already mentioned above. We should also include Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and Mandarin High School. These two frequently recur as top-rated facilities on these lists.

Higher education in Jacksonville, FL

An eminent example of a well-managed higher education is Jacksonville University. It’s a 4-year private institution, providing students with bachelor through doctoral degrees. The facility had about 4,100 registered students in Fall 2018.

The University of North Florida is a public university in Jacksonville, counting about 17,000 students. Florida State College in Jacksonville is yet one more distinguished institution. The institution enrolls approximately 24,600 students. It provides students with associate’s and bachelor’s degrees plus certificate programs.

2021 statistics in the Jacksonville educational system

The number of the schooled population is commendable in Jacksonville, FL. 28.43 percent graduated high school, 22.30% graduated from some college. In comparison, 19.3 percent obtained their Bachelor's Degree. Only approximately ten percent of students didn’t finish high school in 2021. Being a higher school graduate pays well in the city. Graduates earn $43,500 yearly on average as of October 2021. 


Jacksonville is the largest metropolis in the state. However, it managed to rise to the occasion and created a sure-footed education system. The formula is simple. You graduate from one of the city’s renowned institutions. Then you will find yourself with lucrative prospects.

If you wish to move to the city but have doubts about its schools’ proficiency, why don’t you reach out to a professional realtor? Contact a real estate agent in Jacksonville today who can address all your concerns on this matter! Moreover, they can also confirm the no-brainer that Jacksonville is a blast!


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